Thursday, August 12, 2010

101 ways to praise kids

Forever, we had a little magnetic thing on our frig as the kids were growing up. As they got older, they use to make fun of me cuz I used those sayings (then they'd jokingly say "you're A-OK") I guess I figured they were too old and quit. I still have the original one my mom gave me. Then one day, I found a stack of these laminated bookmarks at the library and took a handful. Got Robert and Dawn to do the same and passed them out. Jocelyn's blog reminded me of this today. As I looked to my left, there on the frig it sits. And I thought...why just use this to praise kids. Why not reactivate it and use it everywhere, on everyone. I'll have to relearn the phrases but hey, my brain isn't doing anything anyway. Here's one I found on the internet...not exactly the same as the one I have but pretty nearly:

100 Ways to Praise Kids

That’s incredible! How extraordinary! Far out! Outstanding Performance! I can’t get over it! Great! Amazing effort! Unbelievable work! Wonderful! Marvelous! Phenomenal! You’ve got it! Superb! Cool! Excellent! You’re special! Your work is out of sight! Your project is first-rate! You’ve outdone yourself! Way to go! Thumbs up! You’re a good friend! You came through! Terrific! You tried hard! Your help counts! You made it happen! It couldn’t be better! Fantastic work! You’re a real trooper! Fabulous! Bravo! Exceptional! You’re unique! Awesome! Breathtaking! The time you put in really shows! You’re a great example for others! Keep up the good work! I knew you had it in you! Dynamite! It’s everything I hoped for! You should be proud of yourself! What an imagination! You made the difference! Well done! You’re sensational! Very good! A+ work! Super job! Good for you! Take a bow! You figured it out! Great answer! You’re doing a lot better! Thanks for being honest! How artistic! Hooray for you! You’re a joy! How thoughtful of you! You’re amazing! You’re getting there! What a great idea! You deserve a hug! Thanks for trying! You’re getting better! You’re a big help! You’re tops! You’ve made progress! You’re neat! You’ve got what it takes! You’re #1! You’re a shining star! You can be trusted! Wow! Remarkable! Beautiful! I’m proud of you! Very impressive! You’re sharp! You’re a winner! Hot dog! Spectacular work! You’re so kind! You’ve really grown up! What a great listener! Thanks for helping! Great discovery! You’ve earned my respect! Thanks for caring! You’re a-okay! You’re a great kid! How original! You’re a champ! You’re a pleasure to know! Very brave! What a genius! You’re very talented! You’re the greatest! You’re super!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

We could probably recreate the original from our collective memories! I'd love to hear you use some of those on me! I still need to hear encouraging words from my Mom.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

So, I saw your comment on my blog after commenting on this...yes, I would like a copy!

Lin Floyd said...

we all can use praises but it's easier to criticize unfortunately...good post-thanks a bunch!

Karen Ahlstrom said...

When we were taking lamaze classes before Lizbeth was born, I asked Peter to be sure to come up with some encouraging words other than just "good job" which he used all the time in class. He didn't know what to say, so I found this and printed out a copy. After a hard contraction, he used one of the sillier items, and U burst out laughing. It was great.

Dawn Mercedes said...

You got these in a bookmark from from the library and sent them to me...two...b/c they are front to back...and it hangs on my fridge...until I I now need to dig it out again! (But a clear fridge is soooo nice!)

JP said...

I copied and pasted and printed. Thanks.

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