Friday, August 13, 2010


Robert was most successful in his onion growing this year. We planted Candy Onions which are huge as well as the normal size. The trick we learned earlier is that when the onions reach a certain size, you pull away the soil from the onion, leaving only the very bottom and roots covered with soil. This allows the onions to grow larger without making them strain against the soil.

Robert's friend at work grows these even larger. So the next trick learned but will have to wait for next year is more cow manure. Cow manure is better because the cows' digestive process (they ruminate, burp up and digest in another stomach) and this kills the seeds of weeds that they eat. Horses, on the other hand do not digest the same with only one stomach. That's your lesson for today.

You will see me putting the onions into the legs of my panty hose, tying a knot between each onion. The onions will now hang in the basement until we are ready for an onion. Then all we have to do is cut off the onion at the bottom and cook on.hey a

We still have more onions which are drying on Dawn's old futon frame on the patio. They are just about ready and could be hung the same way. HOWEVER, we have a ton of Hungarian sweet peppers which will be pickled tomorrow. And we will be using probably most of these onions as well as about 25 heads or or more of garlic.

Niko is so not interested in the onions, which is a good thing but I think he'd like to have his patio back. He needs to watch where he walks as he leaves the door to head to the backyard.

We are so happy to have such a great supply of onions to share and to use,.


Lin Floyd said...

onions are always so tasty in whatever way you use them...

Jocelyn Christensen said...



I'm proud of you!

Millie said...

Great harvest!

JP said...

Love the panty hose...and love Niko's questionable looks. Onions are mighty tasty! Good job!

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