Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Julie and Jim McElroy

Julie had her annual conference in Michigan and so we were blessed to have their annual quickie visit with us.  They just left to return to Seattle.  I need sleep but we 4 seem to be able to do a lot of talking and discussing.

Yesterday we spent some time at our beach and then last night, on the drive home there was a spectacular sunset.  This picture of the beach was taken with Julie's polarizing sunglasses over the lens so we could see the various colors in the lake water. Not quite as dramatic as in real life but it's there, just the same.

Here is the magnificent sunset. We pulled over in Avon Lake to watch.

Monday, May 27, 2019

564 Months

It is Memorial Day but it's also our 564th birthday...47 years!  Married. And I am so grateful.

Robert made me potato omlets for breakfast.  Then we took off and went to the cemetery to place flowers  on Mom and Bonpapa's grave.  We picked loved flowers from our home and added the flowering part of a rhubarb plant in honor of all the rhubarb pies mom used to make Robert.  I added a flag for Roger's service in World War II.

Then we went to K&G Mensware in hopes of finding a pair of shoes to fit Robert's long but very narrow feet.  And we did!  2 pairs in fact, as well as a new white shirt and 6 new pairs of dress socks. The one pair of shoes are blue suede shoes, the other is brown leather tied shoes.  Very cool. I was so happy.  Yesterday as I heard Robert walking his shoes made this clacking sound and Robert told me that the shoes (bought 6 years ago in Evansville, IN ...NAOTS from Israel) were broken.  I have to say that as expensive as those shoes were, they lasted 6 years of near continual wear...every Sunday and any dress up event.

Tonight we were invited to dinner at Ken and Pam Barlow's.  DELICIOUS!  And the company is always better.  Pam makes things so pretty and great tasting.  The potato salad was her Grandma Staller's recipe that her mom also made...a bit like German but only a hint of vinegar and cold.  SO good.

 Also were a bean dish, also her mom's as well as beet eggs.  Both were so tasty.
 And to finish off the menu...RIBS of course.  They were baked for hours and then bbq'd on the grill.

We also had brownies for dessert.  And of course the conversation was fun and silly and so dear. Plus before we left I was given a bunch of hens and chicks...some for the succulent wreath and some for the garden.

We are blessed to have such friends.

These are the surprises young Rob and Marius hid in our garden after they left Saturday night.  They told us there was a surprise but I'd have to find them.  Rob's i found quicker.  Turned out Marius had hid his for me under a bucket.  It took a call to them on the road to find it. But forever I will know Rob and Marius will look after me and when I leave mortality, I will be the one looking after them.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Birds in the backyard

Our backyard has become a haven and restaurants for all kinds of birds this spring. So far we've seen hummingbird, orioles, lots of red-winged black birds, Downy Woodpecker, European Starlings, Black headed Grosbeak that we call Bishop Grosbeak. and of course all the regulars.

 If you look closely you'll see a bit of the red and yellow wing
He sits on the food feeder right outside out kitchen window

But on  Sunday when we were changing after church before Robert's Birthday dinner, Robert called me to look outside from our bedroom window.  There on the ground, in front of the mirror that used to hang on the fence in a frame which broke, was our Bishop Grosbeak fighting with his own image in the mirror. He was all puffed up and angry.  I've had Robert remove the mirror because I haven't seen that bird in days and I think the bird gave up, figuring the other male had squatter's rights.

Previously he had been flying around the plant that has pods that Robert leaves all winter to provide food/whatever. Bishop Groesbeck had been there alot

Plus the robin has eggs on the grape vine fence outside the west wall of our house again.  3 Cute little babies

And of course our swallows are back. They started building last week only their nest was hanging over the front door.  It had just begun so I had Robert remove it and put up a shelf to allow them to build their nest above the door and allow us to use the front door.  And they got the message.  


The long waited moment arrived.  Avon's Meijer opened today so as soon as Seminary ended, and we went to breakfast to celebrate that end, we decided to enjoy Meijer on opening day.  It was early enough that initially we had the place pretty much to ourselves...at least there wasn't a whole lot of people there but boy did they show up before we left.  Luckily it's open 24 hours/day so we can still go early or late

This was the bag Pam Barlow picked up for me a couple of weeks ago as she drove by it to check out the progress (yes we both were anxiously waiting the arrival of this Grand Rapids, MI, base store).
Is this not clever.  Hi Ohio...as well as just OhiO with the Os as the state of Ohio outline. COOL!

Today I got my own.  These 2 ladies are from Michigan but here for the opening.

The Home Entrance
Robert felt he needed to make some noise and get some attention turned to the area.  So he spun the wheel and earned us a coupon for $3 off something or other.

Interestingly, I obviously wore the PC incorrect shirt today, at least for the visit to Meijer

I went specifically to find this...When we've gone to restaurants I always wondered how this half&half could be used and not refrigerated.  Last time I snuck one home and tried it in my Postum and it was great.  I usually use evaporated milk but don't drink Postum often enough and usually the canned milk goes out.  So I looked for this and with the help of 2 workers, they led me to the coffee aisle and voila...there it was!  I was in heaven.

Robert made friends with this man.  He's all about Michigan and the Wolverines (as Robert claims to be).  He had season tickets for 14 years. Section 4, Seats 17-21  Now he lives in Ohio but returns for 2 games a year.  He said he wears his Michigan gear wherever and when he gets questioned about it he said, "Well, I can always find a parking spot in the Handicapped area" and the people have no comeback for him.  I would but I was being nice.

Robert also found this and thought a couple women we know need this so not to spend money OR to teach their kids Pretend to Spend Wallet.  He loved this one!

Suddenly I heard a band and knew it had to be Avon High School.  Figuring we'd have to see some of Robert's Seminary kids there we went over and video'd a couple of their songs.  Here are some stills:

This is Noah Kitchen who is finishing his senior year and will be headed to a mission in LA/Spanish in June I think.
 Here's Noah's younger brother Ian who is going to take over Rule the School position as soon as Noah leaves. Boy, are these kids photogenic!

James Eddington

Ever in the white shirt, Robert had to leave over to talk to the girls.  This is Josey who is a non member, might be Noah's girlfriend (unsure of that status).  She's come several times to seminary and to church meetings.  Smiling behind her to the right is Morgan Guthrie, such a sweet girl!  Noah is looking at me taking the picture.

 Josey and Morgan

 I had Robert stand under this sign.  Worked for Fred Meijer and has always worked for Robert in our home!

It was fun shopping in our own Meijer. Didn't know they sell essential oils and altho they aren't doTerra they seem to be pretty good.  There are a bunch of days with celebration giveaway and events throughout June.  Guess the Barlows and the Hatches will be returning often.  The sad moment was hearing back from my email to corporate that Avon Meijer does not sell Aunt Millie's bread.  POOH!

Last Day of Seminary for this school year

Anyone can tell it's May, the end of school and the end of the Seminary year.  These are a great group of kids but oh brother!  What's the point of staying up past midnight to do the worldly knowledge and then look like this during the knowledge of the gospel  is being shared

I don't understand it.  All the years I taught I never saw this.  Good thing this is Robert's time.  If it were mine, I would have sent them all home.  The Guthries remarked (when I thanked them for staying awake for Br. Hatch), "Well, we don't stay up til midnight."  Good for them. Good for their parents.  Jose also was always awake. and usually Ian.

This was taken yesterday...Noah enjoying Robert's duck mask and rain hat.  Oh yes, there is a lot of fun having and ridicule.  but always in good fun.

But if you feed them or give them a fun activity to do at least it wakes them up.  Tiara wanted to go back up to the roof for the end-of-year phot but this year they got the rock

These are the soon-to-be missionaries, Noah Kitchen and Matthew Amato, hugging it out before they left.  They are going to be powerful Elder and Men.

 There's always a lot of chatter as they leave on any given Seminary Day.  The girl in the middle, in the white shirt and jeans is Josie..not a member but one who comes now and again.  She even came on her birthday and received the birthday breakfast.



Sunday, May 12, 2019

Robert turns 70

Today was not only Mother's Day, it was also Robert's 70th birthday.  Jocelyn and family and Marissa and family were here for the celebration.  70 candles and one to grow on all were blown out in one big puff!  Robert was asked to say something about turning 70 and he started to chuckle a bit and said, "I was going to mention something but then decided not to.  Now that I've been asked I guess I will.  My father died when he was 70."  oh brother!

Jocelyn posted this on FB:  Celebrating the 70th birthday of my wonderful Dad! Love you, "Papa" Robert Joseph Hatch! Some of my favorite memories of you include holding the flashlight for you while you worked on our cars late at night, you falling asleep mid-sentence while reading scriptures to us, you coming up to "seal our eyes shut" when we wouldn't settle down and go to sleep, that one time I was sick and you calmed my head with a warm wash cloth, you driving me to meet up with my crush at the movies (what a brave Daddy!), Watching you turn the soil and then enjoying the delicious tomatoes you grew...and many more. Thanks for being a kind, gentle, Father to me and to lots of souls who needed a shepherd and a friend along the path of life. You are a great example to me! Picture below by Honor

I doubt we will ever get a decent picture

This head of a duck given to Robert from the Trefethen got a lot of play (not to mention by the seminary kids on Monday)  Oskar is underneath this

 Dawn gave Robert a bag of pistachios to go with the 2-piece bowl that keeps the nuts in the top and has an area to put the spent shells  Very cool!

 Christensen's gave Robert a gift card to Pettitis.  He has plans for what the garden needs next.

 Honor wrote her Papa a letter including the poster she made later
 Trefethen were going to give Robert his heart's desire...2 ducks...but luckily for me he only got this amazing duck mask.

I gave him a Gorton's Fisherman's rain hat so he can go out in the rain and not get his neck wet.

Kennedy sent him a set of bamboo bowls since he loves the large one they have.

Jordan and Hillary sent him a Ted's Talk on CDs.  Excellent things to listen to and learn from.

the wee ones were outside and I went out with some bubble wands and instructed Simon on how to make it work without beating the want to the ground.

We have this thing that happens when family comes to stay and I think Dawn started it.  When they shower and the mirror gets all steamed up, someone leaves a message.  Dawn's is still up from the last time she was here "You are great" scripted in her bouncy faux calligraphy.  Monday I took a shower and there in the middle of the mirror said this:  Love  you Mom, Gladys, and Sah.  I thought Steve had written it because I didn't expect Jocelyn to refer to her grandma as Gladys but it was Jocelyn after all.  J didn't call my mom Gunner but always Grandma.  I think that message is going to remain for a long time as well.  These steamy mirror writings never come out very well but this is close

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