Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jacob's first published book

I was so excited to discover that Jacob has met one of his goals in writing a book.  I pre-ordered it right away and was happy to have it arrive.  Jacob is incredible, talented in many areas. and so generous.  I'm thrilled for him.

Monday, August 01, 2016

another choice tidbit from Nila Eddington

Nila came this morning with her 2 youngest sons, James and Jonathan, for piano lessons and then as usual I get to spend some delightful time with her. Her stories are always amazing.  I hurried wrote down this one after she left and sent a copy to our stake Patriarch, Tom Rice (who I grew up with) and then sent a copy to each of my kids and their spouses.  Now I want to preserve this story in my journal/blog.

Nila is from Indonesia.  Her mom was betrothed to a man in the village when she was 9…and supposed to get married when she was 12.  When the man came around he would bring treats/cakes/gifts to her and she thought it was very nice.  The girls all teased her and asked her didn’t she know why he was doing this.  this young girl had no idea and was stunned to learn she was to marry him.  She did not want to marry this early…she wanted to attend the Girls’ School which is the same as intense Home Ec classes of our years.  The family went to some show or play and as it happened another family had tickets to sit right next to Nila’s grandparents…with a young man who sat right next to her mom.  The first guy’s family heard about it and it was horrible.  They claimed all sorts of things and when they learned the girl didn’t want to get married and preferred schooling, they broke the betrothal.

Nila’s mom finished the classes at the Girl’s School (which is the actual name of the school) and a year later married this other boy…who was 20 to her nearly 16 years of age.

Eventually the dad looked into religions and met the American missionaries. He asked them how much they earned for preaching and was stunned to learn they did it all because they wanted to.  This was the kind of church he had been looking for.  He and his wife joined the church and had 6 children I believe…Nila is #4.  At some point her dad was given his patriarchal blessing but there was no native speaking patriarch in Indonesia so the blessing was bestowed by an American patriarch and in English.

For years and year, Nila’s dad had no knowledge what his blessing even said and in fact he lost his blessing paper and didn’t realize he could get another nor how important it was.  He became branch president, then maybe a bishop, stake president and a few years ago he called Nila and said he was called to be the first native Patriarch in Indonesia.  Then he and his wife came to America to visit Nila.  This was 3 years ago.

Nila was thrilled for her dad and when she heard he didn’t have his blessing, she requested a copy of her dad’s blessing from SLC.  When it arrived she translated it for him (no, he still speaks no English) and as she read it over a line stood out for her. In it, among many blessings promised, was one that said he would one day be a patriarch to his family and villages. Initially when Nila translated this she just translated the words but in rereading it she suddenly stopped!  He had been promised decades before that one day he would be a Patriarch, not just a father to his children!  She was stunned.

And then she bore her testimony that she learned at that moment that it doesn’t matter who gives the blessing nor in what language.  If the man is called of God and ordained as a patriarch, then he will be given the words of the Lord to bless each individual and those blessings will come to pass….even if the copy of the blessing is lost for decades. The promises remain as long as people continue to strive for righteous behavior.

Truly this was another moment with Nila when she teaches me so many things.  We get a lot of this in her  lessons that she gives once a  month in RS.  She’s amazing. 

Korean Egg rolls

Remember the short bit when the Kennedy's came to Cara and I crossed the street and learned how to make Egg Rolls from Christina?  Well, today I decided I'd better make some so I could remember by doing..soon after being taught.  Turned out to be a long day when doing alone.  Turned out to be HUGE amount of egg rolls for 2 people so naturally friends and neighbors and freezer got some (for freezing all you have to do it plop the rolls into the hot oil and take them out pretty quickly, drain, cool, and freeze. Then defrost when needed and truly fry them),

Even gave a plate to Christina and Keith who said they were pretty good, needed more oyster sauce because the one i found was more watery that hers but other than that, I was a great 'wrapper'.  So YEAH for me.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cara and boys came

Cara brought Kipp, Peter and Sam up to visit for a couple of days.  Christina Belanger called and asked who was visiting and when she heard suggested they come over and swim in her backyard beach that's right next to our wonderful Lake Erie. Christina was very generous and allowed the kids to use her kayak and Stand Up board and tubes...but then I think she talked to hubby Keith and I bet Keith reminded her they didn't have liability insurance.  I don't blame them for worrying.

So here are the pictures.  They all had a great time.  Sam managed to get up the longest on the board.

 Oops...there goes Sam...down!

 See the bird flying in front of Sam?

 Somehow, something cut Sam's leg good.

Naturally Peter enjoyed the not-ripe grapes altho he insisted they were plump and ripe enough.  It's always fun when they come to visit. They are such great kids...always helpful, always appreciative.  When Cara says "do something" it doesn't matter  what they are into...they immediately stop, turn off a game, the Wii, put down the book and they do exactly what she wants.  It's amazing.  They play among themselves and there's no nastiness.

When our delegates came back one afternoon with another delegate in tow, the 3 boys who had been playing Wii just quickly excused themselves and said they'd go to the basement and play.  How courteous.

At 3:00 Cara and I walked back over to Christina and she taught us how to make Korean egg rolls.  Took us close to 3 hours but we came home with eggs rolls to eat with rice and salad, etc.  Plus we the experience of hands-on as well as the recipe.

Wednesday night we enjoyed Sheffield Lake's opening day of Community Days.  Peter attempted to climb the rock wall to the top in hopes of earning $100...he didn't but he made a great effort.

There were many trips to the lake for dipping and swimming and just cooling off...not by me course..I don't do OUTSIDE.

 Here are the 3 boys...looking like seals sunning themselves on the rocks in Lake Erie!

They enjoyed the parade on Thursday and Peter and Kipp actually walked with Robert and me down the street with the library group, passing out freebies to the bystanders.  It was so much fun to have grands walking with me.

They left Friday morning to head to Indianapolis where Sam has a 2-day soccer tournament.  I personally hope the game is cancelled because the area is under a heat advisory.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Swallows flew the coup

Remember the swallows from a few posts ago?
 Today they decided to depart the nest. We've watched the babies get braver and stand on the edge of the nest and each time we peeked at them, they were getting stronger and braver.

They started out so small and not very pretty.  In face I didn't realize for days that I was looking at mouths, not just coloring. Then I realized how lovely their coloring was almost duplicated the mouths which were so big.

But they finally grew into their mouths and their coloring was amazing.

 But they've left today for to live their own lives, I guess.  Robert cleaned up the front door and porch area but left the next in case someone comes back to lay another trio of babies.  It was so much fun watching them grow and hearing their votes.

Dishwasher Died

I've been telling Robert for a week that the dishwasher was doing odd things, including smell badly when it was just finished washing a load of dishes.  Plus, even closed it didn't always turn on.  But on Thursday, July 7, it finally died. Kaput!  I remember when my folks bought it and mother did not like the one Bonpapa bought but it's been going for over 15 years so that's not bad.

On Saturday, the 9th we got up early and headed for Lowes. When no one looked interested in helping us, I said, "Let's go to Best Buy" and talked immediately to  Bruce who was incredible.  Here was a man who owned the appliances.  I told him how Jordan and Hillary had told us about the upper end models that did not have a heating element and he explained how the whole new system works.  We agreed on a Bosch (and why not) and Bruce said it was an incredible machine.  He literally took the thing apart to explain the workings and engineering.

Supposedly it will last 8 year but with only the 2 of us and not working daily it probably will last longer.

Next Robert asked me why I wasn't looking at stoves...since I ALWAYS do look at stoves. That's all it took for Bruce.  He knew everything about stoves and suddenly Robert had decided to buy us a new stove too!  I could not believe my ears but I am never one to say no.  Our stove was still functioning, except for a part or two (like the burner) but it's steadiness in heating was a bit wonky.  Again we relied on Bruce to guide us and we ended up buying a Samsung Gas Range, with 2 interesting ovens which can be one or two, depending on what we need and the insertion of some interesting divider.   Plus there's just one door that either opens all the way for the large oven or part way for the top only.   It's also a smart range, meaning I can control it with an app on my iPhone if I can ever get the app to connect to our server.  I was so excited.  I figure these appliances will probably not need to be replaced before we die.

On Thursday, the 14th, 2 men arrived and installed both appliances. There was a little moment of worry concerning the installation of the dishwasher because when the guys came to lay the flooring they did not take out the dishwasher and lay the floor underneath that and also added a think sub flooring which made it almost impossible to install the new dishwasher. But the one man worked ever so carefully and slowly, pinched fingers included, until me managed to complete the work.

I have made cookies without even having to rotate the shelves
...of course I'd have to start with cookies.  But Robert wanted french toast this morning before leaving to clean up the girls' camping area at the Johnson Farm.  And suddenly I realized I could make them on the grill that came with the stove and sets on the center of the range.  It also has a circle attachment so a wok can rest in it securely.
Now I just need to learn all the gizmos AND get the app to work.

The happiness of the day was dimmed by the slaughter in Nice, France, by some sick man who drove a refrigerated truck through the crowd celebrating Bastille Day killing 84 and injuring many more.  He wasn't connected to an mosque and wasn't claiming ISIS but he was just as deadly.  So sad.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Allen Theater

Our Broadway Season came to an end tonight with a performance of Steel Magnolias at the Allen Theater.  We haven't seen a show there since it's remodel but it was oh so worth it.  Daphne asked if we would cry.  I said, "Oh no.  No Julia Roberts to make us cry."  But then in the final act, I was crying..not for the show but in worrying about  Dawn whose doctor has found a lump in her breast and she has already had the comprehensive exams and on the 22nd of this month she will have a biopsy. Then I heard Daphne sniffling as well...for Dawn or for her own daughter who often is in Africa?  Who knows...but we both cried.  It was a lovely play.

The foyer, or should I say rotunda, was spectacular. We had arrived early so we walked all around.

The stage was easily viewed from all seats.

And the set up outside the theater itself was fun...right out of the beauty parlor.  This is the best line from the show...and we've used it since we saw the movie years ago.  I so remember these large hair dryers that you sat under with either brush (which hurt) rollers or magnetic ones  (which made your hair very sleek).

What made me smile was remembering all the times my mom and grandmother would go to Rosell Beauty Parlor on Ridge Road in Parma...every Friday.  They'd get their hair done and a manicure as well.  It was the highlight of my day to be able to go pick out a color of polish .  If the bottle was low I'd always shake it up so it looked like it was full.  My grandmother ALWAYS wanted red  Very red.  I think of her when I put red on my toenails.  Maybe I ought to put red on my fingernails?

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

2016 Swallows

For the first time a couple of swallows decided to build their nest over our front door. And we allowed it.  It was fun to see how fast they would build their nest and suddenly, we have 3 least 3 I could see.  The first sign of them was on Friday.  Just fuzz.  Today I could see 3 faces.  This is so much fun to watch them peer over the side (and yes, soon they will be 'dismissing the refuse of nature' over the side because these birds know how to keep their home clean...which means more 'nature' for us to clean when they leave).

We have signs on the front door telling our guests to knock or ring the bell and then come to the garage which we then open and let them in. We are not disturbing the swallows.

Robert says he watches the parents swallow start to come in for feeding...and they start their chirping about 2 seconds before they land, less than 10 yards away, and then swoop in to feed these hungry birds. I have watched the parents come back repeatedly and marvel not at the hunger of the birds but at the strength of the parents to keep looking for more food for their wee ones.


A FOR SALE sign went up at 809 mid June and last weekend I realized the sale was pending.  I was so happy that the home would have tenants and was amazed at the kindness given to my home.  I hope that at long last Daphne could have some really good, sane neighbors who will watch our for her as she will watch out for she has watched out for us 8 houses away.

I have copied some of the pictures from the website so we will have a good memory of a great home and how it looks in 2016 today..a home I usually wish we had never sold.  But that's in the past...nothing we can do about it.  It hurt so bad to have those horrible squatters in that place, to have them stink it up with filth, cigarettes and cats...of all things in my home?  CATS?  UGH.  I hated that it was foreclosed on but now can be so grateful that it's been rehabbed and hopefully will have good tenants.  It's listed at $114,900.  It appears to be going to go for just about that same amount.

The home now sports new doors, garage has been painted and the former front door is now on the side of the garage for entry into it and has 2 working garage doors.  Why the one family took off the outside storm door is something we still scratch our heads about. This isn't Utah nor California, nor the deep south. We needed that extra insulation but I guess the young couple was just not wise enough to know this at the time. The wind off the lake can be pretty fierce at times.

Take backyard has been so spruced up.  Part of the fence has since fallen in, the part beyond the gated area that Robert installed to separate the yard from his garden (which has gone to rack and ruin sadly).

No special goes:

 Basement in the bathroom with all new facilities including a brand new shower.
 Our beloved family room now sports a lighted ceiling fan..this is where our kids spent so much time.   I can still remember complaining about the dropped ceiling and horrible paneling and the one night, following dinner, when Robert got up from the table and just started taking it all down...removing the stupid pocket door that lead to the bathroom off the master bedroom...strange that one, altho at least one of my kids were potty trained by sitting on the toilet with the door open watching TV.  Love the colors throughout...this Donna has great taste and love her sense of color. I am so not a beige person. Is beige even a color?
 The front room also sports of lighted ceiling fan and the track lighting gone.  Carpet is wonderful throughout.
 Jordan's room got new laminate flooring since the original wood was too marred.

 The kitchen looks amazing!  New back splash, new dishwasher and stove.  But still our fridge.  Again COLOR!  wow!

 Master bathroom got a brand new shower as well.  Super sink, toilet and vanity...all new. Same with the mirrored cabinet.

 Master lovely fully carpeted.

Jocelyn and Marissa and Dawn all commented how happy they were that the upstairs was again it should it was for all of my girls.  This also got new laminate flooring. It looks so lovely.

 This is the tankless water heater that Robert had installed...cannot wait til we can have one up here. Cara commented that the aqua color under the stairs were still there and she was glad.

 This is what we used to call The Blue Bathroom...not only did it get a new updo it got a whole new tub!

 The eating area...again with a lighted ceiling van.  The flooring is continued into the kitchen as well as the back entryway.

 I don't think I could ever do justice with how I feel about how lovely my old dear, sacred home looks today.  Now how it felt for me to live there for 40 years and raise 5 amazing children here..not to mention all the international students who stayed with us and all the amazing wee ones who I cared for in my daycare there while their parents worked.

This home has quite a few firm foundations, unshaken by time and occupants who dwelled therein after us.  It still stands as HOME to my kids who always come home and have to walk by it.

Daphne saw the current owner there over the weekend and asked for a tour. Daphne says the house smells BRAND NEW....not a hint of dust, mold, cats, dirt.  She says it's absolutely amazing. I don't think I want a tour....I want to enjoy these pictures and hope for wonderful new owners.

We thank the Lord so often for guiding us to this home of homes, and for my mom who rejoiced when we bought it and yet still provided another home for us when she left mortality.

Thanks to all who entered our home, graced us with your love and friendship and support.  Thanks to my kids for making us a family and making this wonderful house an even more wonderful home.  No home will ever match this one.

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