Saturday, August 18, 2018

BSA and Evan

It was hard, in a way, to hear that within 18 month our church was stopping their connection to BSA. It's been such an institution and even tho that institution is traveling down a road that makes many uncomfortable, being an Eagle is really a big deal.

I am glad to say we will witness Peter get his Eagle rank next week, joining his 2 other brothers and then today Evan completed his project, joining his older brother as tables for Holy Spokes, a small but incredibly generous business who rehabs bicycles and then gives them away.  And this is what Holy Spokes posted:

I know Kipp is working hard to gain his Eagle before these 18 months end.  I just wish all my grandsons were able to participate.  I know the church has a plan being set up for a new program.  It will be different than BSA was, that's for sure.  For the better? Who knows.  But for this minute in time, I am grateful 4 almost 5 of my grands will be Eagles.  Even if the world isn't impressed with this achievement as it was in the past, I still am.

Congrats to all...and to the young ones...there are always city troops.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Wolfs came back to visit

Actually Jim and Jan are on their way to TriCities Washington to visit daughter Dana and family but they stopped to visit siblings here. Walter Phelps called and invited us to join them all for dinner at Moosehead in Vermilion.

It was so wonderful seeing this couple again.  Sadly, I had been chatting with Jan when I left to answer the door and oddly never came back.  That's the state of my fried brain during the Patsy Ordeal.  I don't even remember the moment.

I had to assure Jan I would always love her. Who could not...she's such a sweet woman.

 Robert, Jim, and Walter

Dee, Jan, and me

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hank's 38

We had a wonderful birthday party for Hank in the lovely Lakewood Park.  His mom made a delicious dinner for us with tritip roast cooked over the charcoal.  Amazing.  Also got a lovely family picture of the M2T2 group.

 Here's Robert sitting on Hank's lap just cuz he could and just cuz they love each other.  These 2 are so funny together.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Connor is in DaHouse Colorado

Dawn was playing with her ukulele group when this picture got texted to her...all the while she happened to be playing one of Connor's favorite songs, Eye of the Tiger (how fitting was that).  Elder Barrett has arrived in his area, Colorado Springs, CO.

I enjoyed seeing the photo but also loved seeing this flag. Dawn has always loved suns and it's become a bit of a trademark for her.  So here's the big red C for son Connor embracing his mom's sun.  Seems very fitting as I look for symbolism...I could add that the blue and the white stripes could represent my Lake Daughter's waves and Lake Erie but I guess I don't need to go that far.  

But we are thrilled for Connor.  His shoes which Jordan and Hillary gifted him with look very adult.

Now to see the next missionary picture of Ella in Ventura, CA.  Cannot wait.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Finally, the wait was over. We attended the Hamilton performance at Playhouse Square. It was the only reason we snapped up the season because Hamilton finished up the listing. And it was everything and more than I had hoped for. It totally met the hype even tho it's not the sort of music that I normally listen to.  I've listened to the sound track BUT seeing it performed was even better.

Kitty Buchan who normally goes with us, for some reason didn't want her ticket, gave it to Dawn.  So Dawn came down for the weekend and enjoyed it as well.  After listening to it, I think Kitty made the right decision. She really doesn't hear well, seldom wears her hearing aids and she would have missed the whole thing.

On Friday night we went to dinner at Red Robin and then to Marshalls. I need some clothes, tops, skirts.  Dawn was like a crazed shopper. How could she find so many tops for me that I couldn't find in the other trips to any store?  But find she did.  She just kept throwing things into my cart and then I tried them on and made my decision.  At least I have some nice tops.  Now to find some better skirts, particularly in colors that are NOT black. Thanks Dawn.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Helping Dad

Jocelyn posted a short video of the basement-turning-into-bedrooms this past weekend.  I wanted to record this for a wonderful memory.  Robert always amazed me at what he could accomplish and did accomplish and he certainly showed our 5 kids the way to work.  Each received a great work ethic from him.

The video and this screen shot was nice BUT what was even nicer were the comments:

Marissa Hatch Trefethen This is awesome! I remember watching dad finish our basement before Jordan came along, as well as doing his bathroom, cars, etc. I loved how old school the process was. Take a book out of the library. Learn the steps. Mess up. Do over.

Jocelyn Hatch Christensen That's so true. It's in our blood. I remember holding the flashlight for dad on many occasions while he worked on a car in the pitch dark. Lessons you cannot teach many other ways.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Patsy again

Patsy continues to do well, her memory is still intact which is a blessing in a way.  I continued to pray that the Lord would help me to realize that I put her in the best place possible.  Yesterday we were with her at the Assisted Living place and as it was lunch time we sat with her in the dining room.  Suddenly in walked these 5 people and one woman reached me first and hugged me, introducing me as Nina.  I realized suddenly that this was the Palumbo family, an Italian family that took Patsy and Uncle Johnny into their family decades ago.  Patsy was part of them and they a part of her. 

They had driven over an hour to come visit her.  The youngest, Allison is heading to college in 2 weeks, and was babysat by Patsy and Johnny for years when she was first born.  Patsy was momma Pat and Johnny was Papa John.  Patsy was so pleased to see them all and marveled that they had come.  Gino, the patriarch grabbed me hugged me so tight 3 different times, telling me how wonderful this place was, how beautiful, and what a great job I had done in securing her a place here.   He said that Breckenridge where they wanted me to place Patsy in Mentor was a VW compared to the Cadillac that's Parkway.  THAT WAS MY ANSWER.  I wanted to shout it from the rooftop, only there was no one to tell.  Robert and I slipped out so they could visit alone and Patsy was ready to walk them around the place and show them her ‘apartment’.  It was a very bright Patsy and I relaxed. Today I got a call from the nurse to give me approval that another friend, Sharon and her husband, could come take her for a ride to visit the cemetery where Johnny, son Jeffrey, and her mom were buried.  I have no problem with this but I am sure it’s going to make her quite sad.  But at least Patsy will have an outing.

Her old apt is basically empty. There are a few things Johnny’s nephew will remove tomorrow and yesterday Robert and I cleaned out the rest of the apartment, even vacuuming all the rooms. It seemed like such a wasted effort since the carpet is very old and very stained and the landlord is going to have to totally rehab the place.  It’s a mess.  Plus it’s dark and dreary, no wonder Patsy is complaining about the light that floods her new place.  I had to get her a pair of sun glasses to wear over her glasses. Truly the new facility is all light and airy. It cannot be beat. 

 But I will add that by vacuuming the old apt I felt a bit like the pioneers who were forced out of homes as they trekked West, always sweeping their beloved homes to be left to the marauding vandals who hated the Mormons.  And maybe, for that one time I became a Mormon Pioneer like them.  But before I left that old place, I went back in and offered a prayer to thank the Father for keeping her safe in this area that is not a good area, that’s been filled with drug dealers, and dangerous people.  And then I left the keys in a cupboard and locked the door.

It was an amazing relief and release to close that door and know that I really don't have to return there again.  A sad ending in a way but a brighter ending for Patsy in at least one area.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sister ELLA Kennedy

Now serving and learning at the MTC in Mexico City before starting her mission in Ventura, CA.

I know I can't nor would want to save all the emails I might get but this is one I want to remember.


I can´t wait to share with you! You are the first I am emailing because you were the first to email me! So last night I had a break down of sorts. I was having a really hard time memorizing a scripture and just a build up of things like not really enjoying being with girls, and I just started to cry. I didn´t want to open up to my companions, so I went to my memory pouch. It is full of letters, tickets, and slips of paper like a piece of my college acceptance letter, the wrapping of my favorite lemon soda, ect. One of the things I have in there is a picture of Bonpapa. I could remember him holding me on his lap and reading the Carol Masquarade story to me. I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him if I could talk to him, and all I had the energy to think was I love you I miss you and I remember you, and when I closed the prayer I could feel Bonpapa hugging me. I was an extremely special experience. 

It breaks my heart that you are struggling with something so emotionally draining, I cannot imagine what you must be feeling right now. Your response to it is evidence that you have become like the savior throughout your life.I love you so so much Granny! I will pray for you and Patsy everyday. Im going to the temple today and Im going to memorize that scripture!!! 

I am in a super small district, only 7 people. two sets of elders and my companions and I.
Did I mention I´m in a trio? My companion didnt show up, so I got put with the girls in my casa. They are very sweet people.

One of the boys in my district is EXACTLY like Sam. He looks like sam and is tall, and plays basketball, and is soft spoken. Another Elder is so much like Cody!!! I think God put those two elders in my district for me, because it has been kindof comforting. The one that is like cody, I am not kidding, has codys voice and laugh. It is pretty strange. 

There is so much more I want to tell you! I want you and Grandpa to know that I am doingn my best here, I am obedient to the rules, and truly am experiencing so much joy. I will send some pictures after this email! I absolutly love that phrase, Im going to have to memorize it!!! Oh and just one more thing, my teacher gave me a scripture to read when he found out I was struggling and this is one of the many miracles I´ve expirenced but it kinda blew my mind because the scripture is D&C 24:8. I is my absolute favorite scripture, and he couldnt have known that. It was God telling me that he knows me. 

I love love love you Granny!

D&C 24:8 Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days.

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