Friday, September 15, 2017

Kitchen almost at a standstill

Wednesday was a horrible day.  AGAIN, no workers showed up and my mild-manner, never angry husband reached the end of his ease.  He became the rarely seen silent, fuming, and CRAZY man.  I thought he went off to get soil but he went into Lowe's and had his say, then he started calling everyone concerned.  It all got noticed and action.

I took phone calls filled with apologies to which I responded the same way as I did to my old kids. DO NOT APOLOGIZE, DO NOT SAY "I'M SORRY".  I DON'T TRUST YOU AND TO MAKE THIS RIGHT GET THE WORKERS HERE AND MOVE THIS REHAB ALONG.

Yesterday we had 3 workers who worked 9 hours and got a lot accomplished.  Not since day 1,  have we had any worker her for much more then 3 hours.  Usually less IF at all.  I realize that there can be delays but I also know that with today's technology, there is no reason the the lack of communication.

But yesterday a lot was accomplished.  "Our" man has met us...he's the one who will work on the walls, the floor and the base cabinets.  Altho we are far behind the schedule given us, this at least bodes better for the future. There's still hope.  Here's a pano pix from the sink area to the new fridge area.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Nephi and Family

Seminary is not such a drudge when Robert is the teacher.  I promise.

The class began with the singing of Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me.

 His plan had been to take the kids to the shore with a boat. First he worked on using Jordan's inflatable raft but it didn't seem to want to hold air for long (gotta get that fixed). Then he went over to our neighbors last night and they were going to loan the kids their canoe or kayak and 4 life preservers.  All night I was awakened by dreams of kids drowning.  Not sure it had anything to do with premonitions or just too much Hurricane Irma watching but I worried.  But then again, I worry.  Turns out Robert had the same feelings.  So as luck would have it, the kids crossed the street to the Belangers but the 'ship' and 'preservers' were not where they were (hopefully they were not stolen).

So the lesson continued on to the beach (our beach, naturally) and in near dark to begin with the lesson continued (yes they jumped ahead but with fall coming on and Irma probably going to shed her rain, it was the best day to do so).  I don't know what was covered as I stood back with Br. Thompason.

The first week the kids wrote Seminary Haikus concerning their testimonies of the restored gospel/Seminary/gospel/whatever.  These were sealed up in a bottle marked Eastside Seminary.  As the class departed, Tiara asked to add another page.  Hers read something along the lines of "Do you want a free Book of Mormon?  see"  Clever girl!  She also was the one who wanted to build a fire on the boat so they could roast hot dogs. Yes, Robert has a class of pyromaniacs!

It was actually rather fun to see the kids walk along Lake Road and down the path to the beach and see them stand, silhouetted against the near light sky.

Because Noah is class president as well as having a marvelous pitching arm, he hurled the bottle far into the lake...and boy did he hurl it!  Now wonder he's wanted for the baseball team.

As the sun arose over Lake Erie and we  could begin to see things, it was time to imagine how terrifying it must have been for Nephi and family to even contemplate such a trip, and that after the ship had been built. But as Robert taught before leaving the house, the architect of this plan...the family, the ship, the voyage, the Gospel...was Heavenly Father.  All it would take would be obedience.  And FAITH.  As I looked at the back of these fine kids who get up each weekday morning to be here at 6am for a religion class, I know these are the kids who, if they remain faithful and obedient, will direct and lead the world.

And when the class was over, Josh sat in the not-inflated 'ship'.  He's are all the kids.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kitchen continues

Man!  This has been crazy and nerve wracking.  By this week, the constructions should have been laying down the floating laminate flooring but because of unexplained no-show of workers, the plumbing nor electricity has been done, barely started plus the walls and ceiling haven't been started.  It's a bit exasperating as I've tried to remain calm. 

What has helped is repeating like a mantra: "at least I don't live in Houston" which is where Hurricane Harvey went through last week and decimated so much at of that area of Texas.  Things can always be worse.  

Today the electrician has arrived and within 2 days should have that work completed.  An interesting moment came when he had the same thought that I did but didn't ask...and that's move one of the outlets over a bit so it is actually IN the pantry.  I can clear a shelf and be able to make it our charging station.  I twill cost a few hundred dollars more but at this point, who care.  I just hope to have the kitchen done by Thanksgiving.  Is that too much to ask?

 This is what we've been looking at for 2 weeks.  A few of the lights have been installed.  The big problem is the plumbing pipes. They all have to be rerouted.
 Herein is the problem. These copper pipes have rubbed against each other with every vibration and house settling through all the decades.  And the copper wore. Then with the demo of the kitchen made the vibrations worse. So we can only use the main floor toilet and only the bath/tub in the bathroom off the upstairs hall.  Oh joy!  And why do you have to do this?  because the wearing of the pipes caused a leak.

But with the electricians here there's hope for progress to be seen


Seminary began today for Robert...the start of his 4th year.  He has spent ALL Summer and I do mean ALL summer, preparing for this year, Book of Mormon.

Due to the kitchen remodeling, the first several months will see the kids meet in the front room...with very little space.  It also means I have no kitchen to prepare my usual good stuff, particularly with no oven. So today they got cereal.  Tiara was very excited that I bought her favorite Trix (ugh) and managed to spill her bowl and/or milk twice.  Sweet and funny girl.

It's fascinating that for little Paradise, we have 2 kids, who live about 8 houses apart on the same street with dads who are on the Stake High Council, so can ride together...they are both freshmen.  The other freshman is brother to the class president...who drove them as well as Tiara and discovered a closed Abbe Road and then the potholes on Lake Breeze as the water line is being replaced. What a first day.

We set the alarm clock for the first time since May and naturally I worried all night if I had set it correctly and if would go off.  That in itself is stupid since I'm always awake at 4:30am. But I awoke at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep. You'd think I was the student or worse, the teacher.

But it's going to be a great year.  Robert looks like he's pacing.

 Jose and Josh are first here...and early. What a change and what a blessing

 Noah Kitchen, class president, brough along his brother Ian and Tiara Eddington.

Finally the class was ready with the arrival of Jacintaya.  2 boys did not show up today but here's the group.

After this I went back upstairs to try and get a nap. Didn't happen altho I did start to watch an amusing movie on Netflix

Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day

Spent the morning at the annual ward Labor Day brunch at French Creek park. Then Robert and I drove to Petitti's to see their 70% off sale because Pam got a wonderful container for succulents and naturally I HAD to get two myself.  So Robert and I reworked the succulents and they turned out very pretty.

A couple were transferred to pots a bit larger.  I really do have healthy succulents.  If you look carefully you can see a couple of the rocks that #dawno had painted and graciously left 4 hidden in our Gardens of Warwick when she went on her cruise. They were just too pretty to rehide.  Maybe I'm just selfish and wanted to keep them for myself.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Since Dawn and family had a cruise this past week, we watched Pepper.  It's a bit hard for our old Niko to have to share life with a pup like Pepper but he handled it pretty well. By last night sleep time looked like this:

Last night we had spent a delightful evening with the Eddington in welcoming home Hyrum from his mission to the Northern Asiatic Mission.  After we got home, happily greeted by these 2 loving dogs, Robert took Niko for a walk.  I knew they were gone but kept hearing Pepper's yips. I just figured she was outside, demanding to join them on their walk.  I called her but she didn't come so I left the family room door open.  Was able to talk with Dawn and while talking with Ken,  Robert came home and asked where the little dog was (that's Pepper).  I told him I didn't know.   But I walked around then house but Pepper was nowhere to be found.  Nether was Robert.  

Typical Susan-fashion, I figured he had gone out to look for her.  I hung up from Ken and started to go around the area, even calling Daphne to go out and see if she could see the dog.  While I'm crying and praying that we find Pepper so that I didn't have to tell the Barretts that I had lost their beloved dog, there walks Robert with Pepper on a leash. He had decided to take her for a walk but didn't tell me.  MEN!  I was so relieved.

Sunday's Sacrament Meeting was excellent as it was Hyrum's homecoming report to the ward.  First Millie Torres spoke and I think it was the best talk she has ever given.  It was on humility. Next Nila Eddington's dad, Samad, who is here from Indonesia spoke.  Nila stood beside him and interpreted  Like his daughter, Samad tells us about how 45 years ago 2 missionaries presented him the lessons and he joined the church.  It was a small LDS congregation of maybe 6-10 people. The the government refused to allow the church/missionaries to be there. And yet those few converts kept their faith and continued as they had been doing and now they have a stake and Samad is their first patriarch!

Hyrum was eloquent as only Hyrum can be.  It's just how he is.  What was most memorable was toward the end, how he begged the young people to truly truly consider a mission.  BEGGED them.  It would change their lives, he said.  He knows. He lived it.  Excellent meeting.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Evening with Friends

Funniest thing happened today.  I received a text from Sylvia Rimm, inviting us to come to their home for champagne hour and to watch the sunset.  I replied we would try and be there.  We went about our doings for the day, going to an afternoon movie.  We were getting our shoes back on and were almost ready to go to her home when she texted again and asked if we were coming.

We walked up her driveway and she waves welcomingly at me and then says, "Oh you brought Robert!  How wonderful."  We greet Buck her husband and started to carry things out to their patio on the shores of Lake Erie...and she says she was delighted we came since the people she invited didn't respond.  I looked at her funny and said, "But you invited us and we replied."  And Syvia says, "No I didn't invite you but you are very welcome anytime."

I take out my phone and show her the various texts and she's stunned.  And then laughed at herself for thinking she was so smart in using technology...but still saying she was glad we came. We had good laughs about this.

A bit later Kieth and Christina Belanger stopped by as well.  So it was the perfect evening with friends.  We had to explain several times that we, being Mormon, do not drink and Buck was flummoxed about that.  He had written a paper decades ago about how good for the body 2 drinks of alcohol was.  I chuckled and said that my first step dad who was dying of congestive heart failure was given a prescription for 1 shot of 100 proof whisky 2 times a day.  Buck is sure that that was about the same time as he had written the paper. Naturally he still thinks it's a good idea and feels he can talk us into such a regime. Good luck with that idea.

 Buck, Sylvia, Robert, Me, Christina and Keith

And the sun sets on Lake Erie as viewed from the Rimm's beach side patio

Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun

his is the day most people were waiting 38 years to witness.  I remember that one and now to enjoy this one!

I purchased our glasses at Lowe's and they had the ISO 12312.2 so we were set.

Cara and her 5 kids drove to KY to see totality of the eclipse.

Marissa, who is in California, started her viewing earlier than us and she posted this totally hysterical, and typical Marissa video with this caption "I'm viewing the eclipse in the pool through Hank's welding glasses, and trusting that he knows what he's talking about when he says it'll protect my eyes. 😬 happy eclipse day, everyrbody!

And then there was Jordan who used his welding thing, too.
And then he had the best experience of a UFO...too cute...Hopefully they didn't beam him up.

Jocelyn's kids went old school and apparently that worked as well.

Barretts were on a  cruise so they missed the big event entirely but they can come down here, April 2024 for the next total eclipse as it goes into totality over Cleveland.  Daphne told me I can rent out my house for 3x it's worth during that one.

My friends Jill and Mary Beth
who were headed to KY ended up Nashville because their online booking overbooked and their $50 motel room wasn't available. The closest they could get was Nashville and the room cost over $200 but the online site paid the difference.  I wouldn't have traveled anyplace for totality but I would have loved a tee shirt like these!

Marissa's 2 kids that are school in CA had big parties for the event but the kids were not taken outside to view the eclipse.  Guess there weren't enough handlers to be sure the kids had glasses and glasses ON.

No clue what NHB kids did.

I took a rest in the grass with the glasses I purchased at Lowe's over a month ago...just to be safe. but interestingly enough, after the whole affair was over, my eyes felt funny.  I don't think they were burnt but it was just too much sun for me.

ISO 12312-2  I'm official.  No fake ones for us.

Even got Robert on and off and we exclaimed.


This was taken with my iPhone at 2:11pm...with  about a half hour to go for the full 80% eclipse for us here in NE Ohio.

 Not sure when this was taken but it was pretty cool anyway.

I decided to be funny, mostly for Dawn who is on a cruise with her whole family (and will miss the eclipse completely but I doubt they mind) , and pose our dogs in the glasses.

At one point, knowing my friend Diane Pepin was viewing in NH, and we kept hearing about the diamond ring that appears after the eclipse begins to depart.  I commented that we ought to get a new diamond in honor of this day...well a new one for her and first one for me....To which she replied, we needed a chocolate diamond.  I think she's right.  Wonder what would happen if I did run to the mall and bought a diamond for fun?!

I saw the eclipse in America 38 years ago and if I live well, I might get to see the next one in America in 7 years.  Who knows.

But my friend Jan Fish who is not active posted this lovely picture.  I think it's the best.  She thinks it might be bake but neither of us care if it is.  Makes me wonder what the skies will be like when the Second Coming comes.

Two different voices today

This morning I drove to Patsy's to clip her toe nails.  Up until recently she'd been paying the podiatrist about $80 to get her toe nails clipped.  I told her that had to stop, that I would do it for her.  Initially she was hesitant to impose on me.  I assured her that I had watched Carol Etzel clip my grandmother's nails and that's what this whole thing is about:

Me learning how to serve an 88 year old and at the same time learn how to be 88 some day, hopefully.  We talked about how she's slowing down and how she will get rid of the things in her home when she comes to live with us.  But deep down, she said she just wanted to be 'found' in her apartment one day because she's very comfortable there and loves the memories she has there.

When I drove home I prayed about her situation.  I don't mind if she comes to live with us and am sure we will be able to handle it.  But I know the longing in her voice and in her heart to be reunited with Johnny and Jeffrey.  So I was talking with Father and asked if He might consider her wish.  I talked about how I felt.

As I was finishing the drive and had exited at Nagel Road to run to Marc's, I finished my prayer and suddenly felt this overwelming peace.  It was so different from the emotions I had experienced as I left Patsy.  I wasn't sure exactly what that peace meant but I knew that which ever way her life turns out, it will be fine with me and Robert.

I smiled and was happy and got into the turn lane to Marc's at Avon.

Suddenly I heard a different voice ... a voice of warning.  The words that came to my head were:  Be careful here.  Don't take any chances as you turn.  Wait your turn. Watch the care and the light.

I did as I was bid and suddenly there was a huge BANG! in the lane next to me..the one heading west and I was facing east.  It was a bang that was also felt.  A mini van coming out of the Marc's parking lot had been in a hurry and thought she could get into the lake fore the small truck did but oh, no! She could not.  She did not.  And :Thus We See" what happens if I didn't follow the warning voice.

So  today, I received 2 assurances of different kinds.  Now I shall go outside and watch the total eclipse of the sun here in N. American.  We will only see 80% of the sun get eclipsed but it's more than enough on a day like today.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Gate of the Secret Garden of Warwick

When Jordan brought the kids down he set up a Facebook Page for the Gardens of Warwick. So naturally I needed to take a picture of the gate that separates the two garden areas in the backyard.  With the sun setting, this picture turned out pretty nice.

Robert certainly has made our garden lovely. This year he concentrated more on flowers.

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