Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Wow! I am so happy it's Wednesday and I am at home. But I have a home that's been ignored for 6 days...4 of which I volunteered at the huge Scholastic Book Warehouse in hour away. I cannot tell you what fun this volunteering is for me but I'll give you a list of why. Here are my "gets":

1. I get to leave home and have no communication with computers, chores, familiar people
2. I get to work in this huge warehouse, filled from top to bottom, literally, with books...from preschoolers to adults.
3. I get to enjoy meeting the other volunteers as well as the people who come to shop.
4. I get to drive one hour, one way and listen to Harry Potter 7 on CDs.
5. I get paid with a voucher which is a dollar amount I can spend on books from anywhere in that warehouse.
6. I get to come home at the end of the day, tired and happy, and thoroughly in an understanding mode of why we moms are encouraged, when possible to stay home. Why in the world, except for moments of need, would a young mom choose to work outside the home...come home and have to face laundry, chores, dinner, dishes, etc. They might be more organized than me (remember...I'm old and slow these days) but they sure have lives that create more havoc than peace.
7. I get to rush in and greet Robert with hugs/kisses/appreciation for his allowing me the privilege and blessing of having been able to stay home all these years.

So, now it's time to hustle back to the chores I left undone and finish decorating and plan a really good rotisserie chicken..the cluck of which is still thawing in the sink. But when all the NEEDS are done,

8. I get to go upstairs and sort through all my treasures...putting them in the appropriate family await the moment they will be handed or mailed out to 10 of the most wonderful grandkids on the face of the earth.

And by the way, Happy Birthday Hillary...a great and my only Daughter-In-Law.


Lin said...

hi, i was worried about you and imagined you caught in some giant ice storm with no electricity sitting huddled in a blanket facing a blank/dark computer screen. glad to hear you were having more fun than that...i also thought maybe that one poem took it all out of you for ever blogging again so glad you are back...your poem rhymes==i can't do that with mine, yet...have a good day/s at home.

i agree about working moms it is very tiring. i did it most of my life because of necessity but now i am basking in relaxed retirement although i just got called in our new branch to take charge of the family history program for all the ward and all their deceased ancestors and teach the sunday school class. i just had to laugh and comment after being set apart for all that, that it was quite a calling, hopefully they'll call some others to help me out but i do love family history or genealogy as we used to call it...

Emily said...

I love the scholastic sale! I missed it this time but have gone a couple times before. And I thouroughly agree about the stay-home-mom bit. My friend keeps asking me if I'll go back to work when the kids are in school. I feel like right now I am always wishing for a bit more time, a bit more time to get chores done, organize the house, organize my life, all those things that take me away from time with the kids. Once they are in school--I'll get some time, if I'm working, I'll be just as rushed and hurried as I am now and who will that help? Hope that all made sense. sorry for the long comment but thanks for your post!

Dawn Mercedes said...

haha...I think you mean that Hill is your #1 DIL. haha.

Gina E. said...

Any book sale is heaven on earth - but I think to bloggers in particular. We read, we write, therefore we love words!
Thank you for leaving a comment on my embroidered aprons site. That last one is a beauty, isn't it!

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