Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tradition

I thought I would list a tradition daily until I run out of them. But I must start with Jesus Christ since He is the Savior. The picture is of a nativity set that is older than I am. My father, Henry Czekala, who died when I was 4 months old made this set using old cigar boxes. The figures were all purchased from Woolworth and if you turn them over you will see the prices...literally just pennies. This set may not be exquisite by today's standards but I feel the spirit of it makes it surpass all the many other nativities that I own.

My mom was the keeper of this set and she always promised me that when she died, I would get this set. Then one night, someone broke into her Parma home and stole her jewelry (including the diamonds my father had given her which she also said I could have when she died) and her silver. I think that was a wake up call to her and suddenly I was now the keeper of this wonderful nativity set. Robert just asked if it could remain out past Christmas. There truly is a lovely spirit about it.

When my grandmother was little and living in England they had a tradition which has been continued through the generations. Each Christmas Eve, at midnight, the doors to the home are opened as an invitation for the Christ child to walk through our home and stay with us the year. As I mentioned in the Sunday School class, I have always gone for the front door so that my tears are not seen by anyone. It's a small thing, this opening up of the doors with the hopes He will come and stay, but at midnight, when it's all quiet and peaceful, there's that moment that feels real. And I am touched by His love and grateful for this tradition.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is a great set, and we have all had our moments looking at it alone on dark evenings in December. And I always cry when I open the doors in my own house on Christmas Eve as well! Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

wow, never heard of the christmas tradition of opening your door at midnight to let christ in, very touching.

Max and Deborah said...

I have never heard of the open door tradition for Christ to come into your home... I love it, We will do it this Christmas at Midnight. Thanks for sharing these ideas. The nativity set looks very familiar, I think my mom had one that is very similar. I will have to look.
Merry CHRISTmas.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I LOVE this set!

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