Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas celebrations

It's been a bit harder this year than past years...seems like without little kids to hide gifts from, buy gifts for, see them opened, Christmas get a lickin'. Oh and I do not Christmas is not about the gifts I give but the Gift that the Savior gave to us. But somehow, the gifts I give and the children's innocence and joy are all bundled together. So instead I look to see what can be done elsewhere. Those moments are kept secret, and not broadcast.

But these 2 I can. We were invited to 2 Christmas celebrations in the past 2 days. Sundays was put on by the leadership of the Primary and was just for adults. Sunday best attire and the food was so perfect. The conversations changed as the groups changed. Everyone was relaxed and happy. It was a perfect way to spend a very blizzardy Sunday night.

Last night it was a more casual Christmas Family Home Evening hosted by the Young Men's president and attended by his counsellors, HT, missionaries and us....PLUS everyone's children. I sat and marveled at all the kids who ran, RAN, throughout this gorgeous house. Marveled that the hosts seemed to be fine with it all....even the cup of hot cocoa that got spilled. It was loud and fun and silly. But during the FHE, it was absolutely silent as we sang the carols and heard the nativity story and then 2 stories by Phil. It was great.

Both homes were decorated and happy and inviting. And I wondered why I gave up partying. I might have to change that in the next year. In fact, perhaps that ought to be my resolve for 2008. . .more parties! How about 1 a month....does that sound like a workable resolve to anyone.

I know I've sent you to Sophia's blog before but you really do need to check her out again. (click on her name, please)This woman used to live in Lorain County 26 years ago and was such a good friend to me...Sophia and her husband Doug. They moved away just a few months before Jordan was born but I've been lucky enough to have her stay connected to me. In fact, she's the one who took Jordan off the plane in SLC and drove him to the MTC and stayed with him throughout the final moments before he left through one door and she through another as he started his mission experience. But her blog these days are a Christmas wonderment. Be sure to open up a word document and be prepared to copy/paste her amazing recipes. Usually you get a picture of the fancier dishes she's prepared but you can bet anything she offers you will turn out wonderful.

So faithful readers! Get on with the joy of the season. Find a party reason. Find a gift to give. Find a story to read! A service to render! A prayer to say! A smile to give! Thanks to all of you for all you give me.


Lin said...

hey, you early riser...it's 5 am in utah now. good suggestions. i've been trying to plan a new year's eve party since we'll be with family for christmas but it's hard being in a new community and with all the retired people they are all involved with their families. difficult to make new friends, even among the members as everyone stays in their homes.

but today i extended myself (proactive rather than reactive) and invited my next door neighbor for a walk for the first time. she said yes and brought her two little poodle dogs along which was a first for me since i'm not a dog lover or pet keeper, figured 4 boys was enough work without adding animals also. as a child i had a parakeet, turtles and fish cause we lived in a small trailer.

well, on to the holidays, having fun making dress up hats for my twin grand daughters. will spend the holiday watching them open gazillions of presents and enjoying my son daniel's good cooking. also taking a few days together alone with my hubby in slc at a hotel to enjoy concerts, eating out and the sights. our christmas present to each other is a week in hawaii for the first time in jan.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are an excellent party giver - one a month is no sweat...

Max and Deborah said...

Hey Susan, Andrea and I were just wondering where the New years party is going to be. We could party at your house!! What do ya think?

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