Friday, September 12, 2008


Interesting thing about friends. When you reach my certain age (60 in February if you didn't know) friends end up being all sorts of ages. Yesterday a good friend of my 3rd daughter was in town with her absolutely adorable daughter. Karen lives in CA but came home to spend time with her mom and dad and suggested we get together. She wanted to visit me in my new home. So September's gather turned out to be a very nice luncheon for this amazing young woman, her amazing daughter who's going to be just like her mom as she grows and the equally amazing mother/grandmother to these two.

They came, we chatted, we laughed, we discussed, we consoled. Pictures were taken and if Karen sends me a couple, I'll post them here after the fact. I was having too much fun watching the babe Elizabeth be fearless with Niko, who is nothing to be afraid of. I reveled in the idea that here were 3 friends, of differing ages...all able to come and each lunch here and be friendly. No one was bragging about abilities or successes. No talk of trials in their lives altho everyone has them. It was just a great way to communicate, reacquaint, and to just be friends. And no one needed a blog to do this...although we all 3 do. Just time. And in today's life styles, we need more time like this.

I think this was the first real luncheon, tho small, I've had in this home and perhaps I need to have a few more of these.

So thanks, Friends...for coming and sharing and brightening my day. Who needs the sun when you have this.....except for when they leave and then we do need the sun....well, you get my point.


mom/caryn said...

What a perfect afternoon. Isn't it great to be able to reach out to one another through the generations. We have so much to learn from each other!!

You are so on target when you say that we don't spend enough face to face time with friends anymore. E-mail, text messaging, blogging all seem to take up the slack...but it really isn't quite the same as reading one anothers expressions, hearing one anothers laughter and seeing one anothers eyes tear up. You've inspired me to invite someone I don't know real well to drop by for soup and salad and getting to know one another better.

Lin said...

i can feel your contentment in your new home and hospitality. i want to come visit too...

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