Friday, December 21, 2007

Gifts, Gifts, and more Gifts..Part 2

Robert insists that I need an addendum to the previous blog entry...admitting my guilt...or in my version, exclaiming my talent. Robert's note for this is: We have learned to not put Susan's gifts under the tree too early.

And that is true, sad but true. I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoy opening my gifts twice. Once when no one is around and the curiosity got the better of me and Twice when it's time. I have excelled at learning how to manipulate the tape so that it comes off and goes back on without anyone being the wiser. I know how to find the smaller of peek holes and can see inside, just enough to know what the gift is. I learned my family didn't like that talent of mine and consequently, they think they had to hide things as long as possible.

Too bad they can't appreciate certain "gifts", "natural talents", particularly at Christmas.

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Lin said...

I do or rather did the same thing as a child. my mom also hid the gifts in a closet or under the bed or sometimes in the car...but i found them. of course it took away the surprise on the actual i no longer do this because my gifts are few and far between these days. my husband always buys or arranges something before Christmas-how do you wrap a trip to hawaii? Dan's family gives me a gift when I get there so no peeking. Guess I grew up and like fresh surprises now also.

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