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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Weekend Work Warriors from Cranberry , PA

I don't think I've kept good up-to-date facts on Robert's recovery.  Today Jocelyn and Steven and 4 of their kids came to help tear out the infected/infested juniper bush and to do whatever else needing to be done.

Steve was The Man in tearing down the juniper bush, roots and all. Yes it was a bush but more like a tree.  I could not have down it by myself nor as quickly.  Having all those kids helping was amazing.
Here's sweet Val who insisted on having the gardening snippers to himself and he was able to cut up the larger branches into smaller ones so the rest of us females could bag them.

And then there was adorable little Coy gathering up the branches and bagging them.  Jocelyn would direct him toward the smaller branches he could handle.

And out come the roots!

And Robert even sat outside on a bench for a few minutes, overseeing.

Scarlett and Autumn were amazing servants.  Who , at their age, would opt to spend a day helping us out...Guy did not, that's for sure.  But these girls clipped, snipped and bagged, as well as made sure their younger brothers were safe.  Robert and I felt so loved and blessed.

Afterward, Steve lowered the 2 back seats and took us to Lowe's to pick up a new gas grill. That was as huge a help as downing the tree.  The last time I wet out to bbq on the old grill, it wouldn't stay lit. When I took it apart to see what was what I realized it had totally rusted.  We've had that grill for maybe 5 or 6 years which is pretty maxing out the normal lifespan of the grills we buy, never buying the big ones.

This new one was priced on sale at $169, down from about $300 but I've had 2 gift cards in  my wallet for over a year (I keep forgetting about them) so in the end, it cost me $112. What a blessing that was.  Steve set it up for me and I bbq'd dinner...Italian sausages and Hebrew Nationals all beef hot dogs.  We had all the sides for a standard Labor Day, end-of-the-year picnic.  Robert was asleep before the kids left the driveway.

One day recently Robert wanted a corn dog and I thought about the recipe my mom used to make us.

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Lin Floyd said...

what a blessing...glad you were able to be with family and accomplish so much!

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