Friday, February 08, 2019

70 years on earth

Today marked my 70th birthday.  Isn't that crazy to imagine?!  I suppose the saddest thing is realizing that I don't have a long time of mortality to look at.  Obviously I have no clue how long I have but all the fun years are over. Tired and achy.  But hey..I'm 70.  Some people don't even get to live that long.

Jocelyn and Steve and their kids arrived mid afternoon and M2T2 all arrived for dinner.  Marissa did a great job and providing us all with the KFC chicken bowls.

I had made my favorite birthday cake twice today.  I should have stuck with my standby recipe but this past week or so Cook's Country put out a similar recipe and had all the reasons why theirs was better.  It wasn't. So I dumped theirs in the garbage and started again.  And of course, this one was as perfect it could be.

I snapped a picture while Skyping with Dawn so she's included in the picture.  She is still nursing her leg and doesn't drive far.  But we talked as i did with Cara and Jordan.

I had asked all the kids to chip in whatever (I had said $10 but the kids thought it was not enough for a gift...but it was...however, they all sent more plus Cara send me a pair of warm slippers).  And the plan was for me to get a food processor...Cuisinart... which we did.  I am so excited to start trying to make bread in it. And I am SO excited to learn something new, despite being 70 perhaps there is time yet to learn a thing or two.

We attempted to get a picture with Robert and me and the 9 grandkids who were here. But these kids are nuts and sure aren't ever into sitting still nor sitting for a lovely picture.  I guess I just get what I get.  I doubt there will ever be a lovely picture of all 21 grands dressed lovely and looking at the camera.  That's for other grandparents.

Jocelyn worked so hard and so fast at getting some sweet pictures and I am so grateful.

The kids did a cute job at adding the Christensen's Birthday Banner as well as balloons.

Jocelyn and Marissa put in 71 candles on the cake (1 to grow on) and lit them and I almost managed to blow out all of them...missing 2 of them but I got those fast.

  Oskar was so near to me and didn't try to blow out the candles either.

 The twins...Honor and Oskar were inseparable. These are two of the silliest and funnest cousins.  PLUS they enjoy being around each other.

Here I am with my new food processor.


The Cleveland Museum of Art is planned for Saturday.  Sunday will be church and dinner and then we shall go back to being quiet, old and alone.  But life is wonderful.

Saturday night I took advantage of this certificate:
I was actually skyping so Dawn could be part of the party night.  My toe nails were painted a lovely bright red.  And boy did my legs and feet  feel wonderful.


Steven Stay said...

Happy birthday!

Lin Floyd said...

Happy birthday, 70 is so young when I'm looking at 79 this year...keep exploring and enjoying your wonderful family and new adventures! Hugs-Lin

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