Monday, January 07, 2019

Patsy and Carol

These two wonderful women still fill my heart with worry and sadness.  Patsy is still in the hospital with pneumonia and today will have an EKG.  Not sure what's happening with her heart but I sure hope someone lets me know.  Carol was fine in calls with me for over a week but Saturday afternoon she had slipped again into wondering about her mom's house...who sells it, is it sold, where's her furniture, are there papers that she (Carol) needs to sign.

It's so heartbreaking.  I cannot do anything for Carol other than to answer her phone calls.  Just seem to need to concentrate on Patsy at the moment.   Robert wants to plan a couple trips to the temple, depending on various storms that usually hit us in January and altho that's a great desire, I also feel the need to be close to home and Patsy.

Yesterday was our first 2-hour block of church meetings and it all went well.  It didn't seem strange to me at all.  Hanging around afterwards talking to Linda B was normal.  We just got home sooner than had it been a 3-hour block.  So of course altho our roast was up to temperature it was not as stringy as we prefer it to was that or the cut of roast wasn't good.  So after dinner I put it back in the oven with the gravy and we will see what it'll be for sandwiches.

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