Saturday, January 26, 2019

January in Ohio

Things are turning crazy here in NE Ohio.  Weatherwise...and grandboys-wise.  Weather was so mild and wonderful until last weekend.  I figured we'd get some snow and cold but I certainly enjoyed that it waited til almost the end of January to arrive.

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend for the school kids and Marissa had planned on teaching a class on MLK Day but due to the ice/snow/cold she had to reschedule for this weekend. The boys were coming then.  So instead they decided they could come for a sleepover.

The first big event was the making and eating of Kettlecorn ... which included finding kettle corn all over the family room floor but without even being asked, and he wasn't the one who made the mess, young  Simon took out the vacuum and got it all picked up. What a kid.  He's also a great snuggler.


And then there's the various games...naturally Wii heads up the requests but there's always the Legos in the basement or the dominoes or any variety of things to play.


Oskar and Simon went to bed a half hour later than normal but hey, it's Friday and hey, they are here with us.  But big boy Henry always gets to stay up later.  He played a few games with Robert or himself and then settled in to watch Hairspray with us.  We were able to explain what a crinoline was and how Bubba likes to tease his mom about needing to wear one.  He could also see an example of one in the movie.  I could see he was pretty sleepy by the end but he made it and then went right up to bed and was asleep before I even mounted the steps.

Breakfast included French toast and pancakes, home squeezed OJ which the boys brought from home because they own a juicer. I had to steal a sip from the last quarter cup...boy, can these kids inhale this stuff.  I, of course, had scrambled eggs.

I had found 3 small sets of Legos on the sale table at Walmart and had bought them for such a moment.  After the breakfast was cleared away, the boys set about to putting together their sets.  Henry was so helpful with Simon's dog.

I was able to help Oskar with his which was a lot more involved that the other 2 sets, ninjago whatever.  He needed some help with directional pieces.  How in the world do adult people manipulate those little pieces?
 Henry and his machine.  He even made the blade twirl on the carpet.

 Oskar was very proud of his set and even put the Warrior on the back of this (what looks to be me to be) killing machine.
 Here is Simon's doggie and fire hydrant.  I didn't bother explaining to him what the dog would the hydrant for...boys being boys will take that act and run with it.  I was content with the boys saying the dog was licking the hydrant.

 And of course each boy brought along their fur babies...and the 2 Eyeores are never far from Henry


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Lin Floyd said...

how fun, reminds me of my three sons when they were little...

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