Monday, December 31, 2018

Rounding out 2018

So December has come to an end but what an end!
  We spent Christmas Eve at M2T2's home where the boys were so excited about the coming of Santa.  The special moment came when this year, Henry read from Luke 2

and then read excellently The Littlest Angel. 

Usually Robert nor Marissa can get through this enchanting little story without crying and having to pass the book along to someone else.  This year, I think the tears came from hearing Henry step into that role.

After the kids went to bed, Marissa, Hank, Robert and Andy Trefethen went outside, in the dark, to assemble the trampoline which the parents gave the boys.  The tramp filled up the entire back yard but wow were the boys excited!

We were invited to spend Saturday (Dec. 29) with Trefethen and most of Christensens at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and then eating pizza, made by Hank at Marissa's home.  Christensens had called Marissa on their way to her home as a wonderful Holiday Surprise.  It was lovely to have the cousins happy to be together.

 Robert had Hank stand on this first and then the kids all had their turn.

 Lunch of homemade pizzas followed with Hank and Marissa tending to the oven.

Coy enjoyed getting some ice cream from his Uncle Hank.


This night we had gone to bed as usual.  But I was awakened by the phone ringing which was odd since usually the ringer is turned off.  Somehow, as fortune would have it, I must have switched out the phones and had one that rang next to my bed.  Funny how the Lord works, isn't it?

We had been to visit Patsy twice on Saturday. The first was to undecorated her room of Christmas items. The 2nd was after our big day with the Trefethen and Christensens.  I had noticed she was low on juice bottles so we took her some. She hadn't been very well...had had a cough when she was at our home on Christmas and I thought this might lead to something bigger.  And Bigger it did.

The nurses had taken a X-ray of her lungs with a portable machine but at 12:30am Sunday, the doctor decided he needed a better picture since she was not short of breath.  I was notified that she was going to be sent to Cleveland Clinic Avon.  I fell back to sleep but at 2:20am the phone rang again and this time it was the ER doctor telling me that Patsy had pneumonia and the start of sepsis.  He went over her Advance Directive and asked if we were still of the same mind that she be given only Comfort Care.  We are. This means that Patsy would be given the barest of essentials...meds, oxygen...but no pricks, no prods.  The next few hours I tossed and turned trying to figure out if she was going to if I had any control over this.

It's time like these that I am confused over what my direction is. Am I worried about her money as in will it last?  Am I worried what will happen if she dies and how will I handle the funeral. For me a graveside service is all that's needed. When Johnny died, she needed to have her friends come and comfort her.  Now, when it's her time, I don't need the comfort of these friends who have seldom if ever come to see her, nor have they called.  I can be comforted in having her enjoying the next stage with Johnny and Jeffrey and everyone else.  But what would Patsy want?

I went to church and Robert and I decided we would go see her after church.  Right at the end of meetings my phone rang (actually my Apple Watch buzzed as I was walking out of the chapel) and it was the social worker telling me she was responding to the O2 and meds and looked to be feeling better. She wondered if when she left would she be returning to Parkway and by what means...our car or an ambulet.  I said by ambulet since it would probably be the easiest way to get her back to Parkway.

We visited her and she was eating lunch and looked so much better.

We visited her again Tuesday morning ( Monday I knew her British friend Sharon was coming as well as Johnny's nephew and wife, Frank and Janice) and she so did not look good at all.  Her hands shake so badly that I didn't think she was going to be able to eat nor drink anything without it falling on herself.  

But I can only leave Patsy in God's hands.  It's not about me nor my worrying.  As Robert continues to remind me, we are born to die. It's all about mortality. It's what we agreed to.  So I continue to try and keep my worries at bay.

Tuesday was New Years Eve.  We went to bed later than usual but fireworks awoke us at midnight...just enough that we could in our slumber mumble Happy New Year and return to sleep.

It's been quite a year.  A great family reunion, Patsy and Carol losing their minds a bit, the death of my sweet Niko, a fantastic visit to Elder Day, and the holidays.  It's a wonderful thing to have a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ alive and well in my life.  Now we have a new plan for church...a 2 hour block of meetings on Sunday and a new course of scripture study meant for family as well as individuals.  I wonder what 2019 will bring?!

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