Monday, December 10, 2018

Memories of Carol

What a fun afternoon.  Jocelyn had brought the kids home for a quick visit a week or so ago.  Today she texted a pictures of Carol's home and main rooms and asked everyone to quickly text their memories of this room.  And this is what we got.

J  Let’s play a game:  Name the place, the time, the people and the memories that this picture evokes.

JR  Gator pinball on game boy, Marissa’s allergies, no air conditioning, Grilled spare ribs.  Best I’ve ever had.

J I mentioned those ribs to Carol this weekend. I remember them as well!!! Funny

JR  So good, Taz, Wall full of racing trophies

J  TAZ! (Taz was Carol's dog)

DB  Salad, potato salad, Dens dressing, crashed Motor bike, stitches, candy dish of Brachs candies, Sears wish book, cats, smiles, Vernors ginger ale, Marissa asking Al for Ritz crackers, Richard with one of those hand pumps…

DB Nicknames like Stinky Weed

DB Gwompies (cabbage rolls)…okay don’t know how to spell them.  Carol made those great stuffed cabbage!  Lemon meringue pie…one for bonpapa and another one for everyone else, hahah

S Jordan being ordained to priesthood deacon in that.  very true about the pie, Dawn.  And she never needed toothpicks in her cabbage rolls. They were perfect.

JH  Priesthood!

JH And the Dawn motor bike accident would be a viral video if it happened today.    Glad Dawn didn’t get hurt any worse.

S  Oh I remember now!  Poor Dawn. What was the result?  Stitches?

JR  Stitches and a really great memory we will never forget

S  I recall  Al always playing hymns on his piano. Great!  A man literally beat into attending church as a child, grew up to want nothing to do with religion, but still enjoyed the hymns.

S  Carol always set the prettiest tables.  Altho the kitchen was not pictured I remember how warm the kitchen floor always was because the house was heated with hot water and the pipes ran under the kitchen floor.  Obviously still does

JR  That front room picture could have been taken 20 years ago.  octagonal laminate tile patterns

S  One year when I was making counted cross stitch gifts, I made one with rats just because it was cute and then Al and Carol were so excited because rats had something to do with the Chevy engine. And yes, Dawn!  Vernor’s Ginger Ale=I wish I had some now

JR Rat Sphinx? 

S. Not Rat Fink.  Something about an engine.

JR  It’s an attitude

Fink?  Is this your boss stitch? Pretty close?

S  No that’s rat FINK. Big Daddy Ed Roth designed the character and Ed became LDS, were on tee shirts and on miniatures.  ver famous.  Mine were 2 real rats.

I’m calling Carol as we text:  here’s what she says:  

Carol  The big block Chevy engine was called Big Block Rat engine. One is in her ’94 Corvette now. In her garage right now in fact.  I was listed as Big Rat Engine.

JR The blue Vet?

Carol:  It’s black.  the 78 is blue.  Dark Blue and Ricky has it.  66 is black with the rat engine modified. White soft top, has a roll bar.

JR I don’t remember a black 94  Blue 778. Didn’t it was that old.

Carol:  I have the 66

JR  Well, 2 blue vets. One for race only.  Is that the one we are talking about?  The night blue?

J  MOM!  I walked into the kitchen yesterday and that was my first thought…this kitchen floor is so warm!!!

S  Carol says he has to go dig out the titles.  The RP..Race Prepared..was light blue with roll bar

JR  Yep. I liked the look of the Black 66

JR  The blue one I remember was dark blue.  Lights pop up in front. Very Night Rider  Progressive speedometer

J The intricate homemade, but beautifully ornate (and antique passed down from Sah) ornaments…and the only person I knew personally who had TWO trees.

JR.  Yep 2 trees

J  Vernors! Ginger Ale.  & Dawn and the wish books, yes!!

J  Here’s the back room and Val playing with her cars.  He couldn’t help himself, What kid could?

J Party food on the bar

s I’m reading carol the memories and she is so enjoying this. Thanks so much

M laughed at “marissa’s allergies”

J  Putting all the coats on Carol’s bed and Richard’s too

Carol  427 and 454 Those are the rat engines.  396 was honed out and some were called that too. They were the first big blocks

J  I remember everyone wearing their christmas sweaters. The best salads ever  I remember all the presents being opened and carols living room

J I remember playing with our new board games on the dining room table after we were finished eating.  I remember sometimes wondering where Mariss was and sometimes going out sitting with her in the van…but rarely... Like almost never

S  Phew!  I just hung up.  She loved your memories I told her I would print them off and sent them to her so she’d know what an impact she had on you all

J  I remember sitting around and listening to all the old stories being told

S if only we remembered them all

J I remember when she and Al came down with the truck and picked up all/everything that was in my apartment so that I could move to Washington DC

s You were blessed. As was I. 

J That was a big deal.  Mom you need to start writing them down and can add others.

S I am going to. This will be sweet for her to read

M. Torture. That room makes me think of pain.  Maybe leave that memory out.  Carol’s awesome cooking and no drinks until we begged.

D  Yeah, no drinks..til Ken married into the family The first Christmas at Carol’s we sad down and had prayer. Ken asks for adrink.  I was mortified!  haha. All he women folk jumped up to fill the glasses

C I remember moving them into this home. I actually drove in her car to the house and I thought I was in for a ride of a lifetime as she was a champ race driver.  I thought she drove the slowest I have ever been driven yet never was a drive more smooth than when Aunty Carol drove. SMOOTH!

C  I thought I was going to have a crazy fast drive

C One Christmas she gave mom a leather Cleveland Bron’s sports jacket as a joke. that was a bit hit for usre. It matched their new brown ottoman 

s…it was a 2 piece Brown’s sweat outfit.  It was mean cuz I hate the browns, and she knew it and also knew I loved the steelers but she’d never want to accept that fact. I gave it back to her and she replaced it with a lovely embroidered Steeler sweatshirt..and I still have it and still wear it and remember that Christmas.

c  Also one summer I got really wet outside.  I don’t know why I was the only one soaked.  Mom, Gunner and Aunty Carol all agreed I was small enough to wear Carol’s clothes So we went into her bedroom which had the sent of her lovely perfume and a cat peeking under the bed and I changed into her clothes Eventhough I was swimming in her clothes all the ladies fawned all over me that I looked all right.

H  Cara for some reason you just reminded me of when we visited graves as a family and during th prayer I peed my pats!!  I remember Grandma’s scissors (which she used to cut live flowers) were the unlucky recipient of that stream. I believe Carol was there. I’d imagine there was a change of clothes involved then too.

M  I’m reply sure that was the day I heard carol say “damn”

D  you guys are funny

S that was funny and sure brightened my spirits on a day that was pretty depressing

j What I remember about moving them in to that home was crashing my skateboard at the end of their driveway and scraping my knee but more than that I remember that mom knew the humber for the pizza place by heart.

This picture of Carol is a bit scary.  But when I see it I am reminded that she's not always with us in the present.  but she will always love us and we will have these fun memories!

And look at Coy, enjoying her ornaments as each of my own kids did.

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