Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Christmas is always a fun time.  I don't think I'll ever meet the joy I had last year having made each couple a quilt. That took time and effort and the results were all I had hoped for. So now it was harder to opt for things to give and what to give Robert.

Turns out Robert enjoyed rehabbing his old Motobecane bike. He went into the west bank of the Flats to a special bike place that helps or does the rehabbing.  To that I added a dremel tool that cleans up things, Belgian chocolate, an exercise thing that helps stretch out muscles, a case of 44 packets of microwave popcorn, a gift card to 5 Guys.  He gave me an APPLE WATCH which I call my Dick Tracy watch. Oh my goodness it is so much fun.  Way too extravagant and not needful but so wanted. I am happy.

We spent Christmas Eve at M2T2s home and enjoyed the family.  This year, Henry decided to read the Luke 2 as well as The Littlest Angel.  It was very sweet to watch the torch being passed to the next generation. And Henry didn't cry while reading it which let Robert and Marissa off the hook for the tears.  This time the tears probably came as we watched our young grandson growing up and reading for us.

After the gifts were opened and the boys had jumped on their trampoline we headed home to open our own presents and to go to bed.

Christmas Day brought the M2T2 as well as Hank's parents, Kathy and Andy, and Patsy to our home for a ham dinner.  Patsy did very well here and spent just about 5 hours here. She said she wasn't tired in the least but she has this cough which is worrisome.  I think she was glad to finally be able to go home and rest.  We were so glad to have her come to a home she sort of remembered from when my mom was alive.

Being a member of the Lord's church in these Latter-days is quite a blessing and having my children active and growing stronger helps that blessing.  

We were able to talk with everyone.  Dawn is still pretty incapacitated with the injured foot but we pray she continues to heal.  About a week ago she mentioned that the door bell rang.  Ken came in with a spiral-baked ham, from anonymous giver. But then he noticed there was money in the netting.  What came next as Dawn described it was like a magician pulling out scarves.  One after another 10 $100 bills came out.  $1000 for Connor's mission!  Was that not an amazing gift as well as a blessing?!  Not only would it help Connor but it will ease Dawn's mind a bit since she cannot work yet.  I know this family who gave this amazing gift will be blessed in more ways than money.  I think I need to consider doing something similar next year.

Here's a table cloth Robert's dad brought back from his mission in Sweden.  Hand embroidered.  It was in a storage box in the basement which  Robert has rediscovered.  It took a bit of work to get out some of the stains but it was well worth it.

 Hank took this picture of Henry from the outside of the bay window looking in on Sunday, Dec23.

Merry Christmas

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