Sunday, November 04, 2018

Fast and Prayer for young Rob

This was a very sacred weekend for me.  Because Hillary has been very vocal about her love and concern for Rob, as a family with friends we embarked on a day of fasting and prayer for this amazing little boy.  Hillary wrote this:

This is what my kid's vitamin regimen looks like when I'm desperate to find ways to help Robert regulate his mind and body in a more peaceful way...
We are 10 weeks into school and he is still struggling. As in, really struggling. 
Most mornings before school are filled with chaos, screaming, refusing to eat/get socks on/brush teeth/you-fill-in-the-blank, angry outbursts, throwing objects or a general grumpiness.
And the afternoons after school look pretty much the same but added in is intense hanger (hungry +anger) from school (most days he won't eat more than a few bites of his lunch) which is draining on all of us. Then we move onto dinner which is generally met with "That is gross.. I'm NOT eating that!" Then comes the crash at the very end of the day. Tears stream, his remorse kicks in, he feel ashamed, he feels defeated by his ever-busy brain, he feels like - and I quote him - "A bad boy". 
We are all - all six of us - worn out. 
If your child struggles with emotional regulation, school anxiety, moodiness, refusal to go to school - know that you are NOT alone. So many children struggle on different levels and I think most of us parents stay silent. We don't want anyone to think our child is a problem or less-than-perfect. If there is one thing I know, it's that silence breeds shame. And I refuse to be quiet. 
This is what ADHD and anxiety look like for my 1st grader son.

Now look at this amazing child:

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Is this not the face of the most amazing boy, so full of joy and life and ... and OH SO SMART!  He's going to change the world if we can just get his through school.

So the fasting and prayers took place and it's with faith we believe that the right course of action will come to us.

Having asked my very bestests of friends to join us, I have been moved by their support and suggestions.  Same goes for what Hillary has received from her friends and family.

Now I await the blessing Rob's dad will give him, in a quiet, one-on-one moment and will expect to see wonderful results.

It truly was a special fast day, a day to totally reflect on the Savior's atonement and to plead for our young Rob.  Monday found Hillary and Jordan attending a parent teacher conference.  Hillary went armed with all her preparations and suggestions, armed as a kind but firm mother bear protecting her cub and using the God-given intelligence to search out possible aids.  The teacher being new was also willing to give a few things a try, including an afternoon snack not just for him but also for her whole class.

This truly was an example of doing all she and Jordan could and then allowing the Lord to step in and finish the deal.  As of today (Nov 17), Hillary says all Rob's days have been better and she believes he has turned the corner.  I truly believe that the Lord needed our faith and prayers just as He needed what Hillary and Jordan could study and present.  I am grateful. So very grateful!

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