Monday, October 08, 2018

Olsons in Guam

This past weekend's General Conference was superb.  So many points to ponder and to correct and to consider.  We will be heading to a 2-hour block of Sunday meeting schedule with the idea that gospel study and learning/teaching should be done in the home.  There will be a 1 hour Sacrament Meeting followed by 50 minute meetings.  the 1st and 3rd Sundays will be Sunday School. The 2nd and 4th will be RS, YW and Priesthood. Primary will consist of classes and Singing but apparently not sharing time...all to begin January 2019.  I think this was all met with joy and rejoicing by everyone.

Just when we thought there were no more announcements, it was the last 10 minutes, the Prophet got up to close the meeting by announcing 12 new temples.

We were so excited for our friends, The Olsons, who live in Guam and Guam will be getting a temple. Robert immediately texted his congratulations and I think he might have given them the news.  They get conference on a delayed schedule but they were excited.  Today I received some lovely pictures from Laura and I wanted to save them so I can always be reminded of this amazing family.

 A typhoon knocked down trees and knocked out electricity for 6 days.  But their home and lives were spared.

Leah with pup, Lauren, Landon, Drew

 Drew campaigned and won the election for school treasurer.  I gave him and Leah piano lessons and now he's playing hymns for priesthood meetings. How wonderful is this, a young man who sees a need and steps up.

 I am jealous of their sweet puppy.  They are blessed to have one and now I want one like theirs.  Silly me.
This was the last line of her letter to me today.  So very Lauren:  It is lovely here and the weather is dreamy and the palm trees are swaying:) . Our most exciting news is that Olive Garden is opening on Tuesday!! Woo-hoo!

I love this woman and her family .  I'm so glad they are happy but I wish they were still here. Probably they are happier there.  But.....

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Lin Floyd said...

wow you have friends everywhere...what challenges to live in such a faraway place...

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