Saturday, September 08, 2018

Henry's baptism

What a weekend!  Henry Trefethen turned 8 today and was baptized today!  The kids started to arrive. First Dawn came Friday afternoon, then Jordan and Hillary and their kids drove all the way from Grand Rapids and got here at night. They were so good to just be willing to bunk down all in the red room altho Hillary tried to sleep in the family room.  Jocelyn and kids arrived at the stake center in time to rehearse their song before the baptism.

Jocelyn and kids view the water filling the font:


The ward members in Lakewood were so good and supporting the family and the Primary room was filled. Hank had come early to fill the font but unbeknownst to him, there was a leak but Hank somehow managed to baptize Henry in the smallest amount of water I've ever seen.  There was only one split second where Henry's whole body was immersed before the one toe slipped up but it was enough.

The two grandfathers gave the talks.  Andy did a great job on baptism, putting peanut butter across Henry's forehead and talking about sin and then wiping it off related it to baptism. But then even after baptism he might err and more peanut butter was applied, and by repenting it was wiped off. Robert of course did the usual compass but forgot to say how he received his first compass but he also had Henry toss him a football that he refused to catch and likened it to how Henry must do things in order to respond to the Holy Ghost.  When Robert didn't even attempt to catch the football the first time he wasn't too thrilled with having to toss it again, know (cuz he's so bright) that his 'Bubba' wasn't going to even attempt to catch it.

Here's Jordan with Henry

Here's Henry with his parents

Only Guy, Scarlett and Honor sang during the baptism but they all practiced together

Marissa was very sweet and asked if we could party back here and I could just imagine my mom and Bonpapa peeking in and rejoicing in their children, grands, and greats enjoying this lovely home. But it was crazy and loud and happy and filled with joy.  I think Henry's expression says it all here:

A little pano and even this doesn't include the whole group.

But I think all the kids had fun and the house survived.  As did I.  Here's some more pictures of the afternoon:

Drake Meno, Oskar, Henry, Ada Meno and Simon

Marius and Lily at the beach, of course
Wonderful waves breaking on our beach.

Miss Hazel just loves to garden...or at least use the hoe.

Marius is attracted to the water feature.  Luckily the temps had dropped from the near 100 degrees of last week to in the 60s today.

Miss Hazel and Val loved playing in the soil right off the patio.

And then there's this one last shot of the lake, with a gentle wave coming ashore and clouds in the sky.  I think this was the feeling that pervaded throughout the big event despite the noise. It's the knowledge that there is still peace to be found in our lives no matter the turmoil that swirls around us.  We just must find it. And the start is to accept the gospel and hold onto it so fast that it might hurt.  There's nothing that can replace the Love the Lord has for us and His atonement.

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