Sunday, September 02, 2018

Elder and Sister Day...FOUND

Saturday I happened to call my Auntie Carol to check on her and to encourage her to call Patsy. The conversation went someone alone these lines:

Me: Hi carol…how are things?

Carol:  Oh Susan.  All’s good. How’s mean ol’ bubba?  how are the kids?  what’s new?

Me:  I list a few items.

Carol:  And how is Patsy?

Me: She’s settling in but all these pushy friends on the east side who wanted me to be sure she got phone never call her so if you have a minute would you please call her?

Carol:  I will try but I am so tied down. You know I have the kids here as well as Mother.

Me gasping for air and having to sit still:  Your mother is there?  With you?  

Carol: Well yes,   she has been.  Actually right now she’s living with Gladys (my mom) since Gladys has air conditioning and I don’t.

Me: Well, that makes sense.  Well Carol I need to run. I’ll call you back soon.

Then I hurriedly called her son Richard but had to leave a message. When he called me back the first thing out of his mouth was:  “So did my mom mention Sah (his name for Carol’s mom, the grandmother) to you?  

Apparently she has brought up her mom several times  last week, as well as asking Richard what happened to Al, her husband.  Richard thinks this is all a problem with a B12 deficiency.  He did get her to the doctor and then had a blood test yesterday but says she stopped taking her BP meds 2 months ago and then her vitamins.

I realize that he has to come to a real medical diagnosis before accepting whatever this is. I know nothing about B12 deficiency and hope this is true but I don’t really think it.

That's the back story of how I found Elder Day, the first missionary who tracked out my family and brought us the light and knowledge we needed.

When I was looking up Richard's phone number in a very old and old-fashioned phone book, I noticed on the page adjourning that I had a Provo address for the Days.  I texted Cody and asked if one day when he had time if he would drive by and just see if this wonderful couple were still around.  Today was the day. Cody called to say he had time and was going to give it a go.  I was so excited and nervous and worried.  What if I missed my chance to reconnect one more time. To be able to show him, at least in pictures and in the body of Cody, that the gospel still stands firm in my family's lives and it was due to his service to the Lord and his testimony that made it happen.  But lo!  Cody found them.

He said he walked up to the door, saw the house sign that said, Days Inn, and knocked. At first no one answered so he went to the car to get a piece of paper to leave a note and when he returned they had come to the door.  And I believe Cody said they were so excited to meet him and share stories.  Elder Day brought out his old mission scrapbook and shared things.  Cody was excited to see my mom had sent them a picture with Cody as a small toddler sitting on Jordan's lap.  And in return, Cody snapped some pictures and sent them to me:

 Elder Thayne and Elder Day..who first came to my grandmother's home and she sent them up to my mom.


 Cody with Elder Day in his home in Provo, Utah

A newspaper article written by the elder while serving in Parma.  I remember that they were tossed in jail at least once because people were suspicious of them.

Letter my mom wrote to them after the death of their mother, August 1962 (it was great seeing her lovely handwriting).

 Cody with Elder Day in his yard.

Altho Cody gave us this wonderful gift of reconnecting with the man who saved our spiritual lives (and as an offshoot, our physical lives as well), he was rewarded with a jar of homemade jelly/

Holy Cow!  There are just no words to say how Robert and I felt. We were so excited and could barely get to sleep.  How wonderful was this. The plan I have is that when their lives settle a bit (since they have company right now) that we can call and talk, or maybe even FaceTime or Skype.  Wouldn't that be a dream!?  Better still, I might even bend enough to go visit Utah again.

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