Sunday, August 26, 2018

Peter is an Eagle Scout

What a weekend.  We were invited down to witness Peter's Eagle Scout court of honor in Evansville, Indiana.  This was made so much easier to do without Niko (sad I still am that Niko had to be put to sleep...I so miss having a dog!) having to be put into a kennel while we were gone. Plus Hank's parents are staying with us til they find a place to live, relocating to Cleveland. This will make Marissa and Hank's 3 boys so happy to have both sets of grand parents so near.

We set off on Friday and took a bit of a different path...Heading into Indiana before we got to Cincinnati so we could see a quilt store.  When Robert had his colonoscopy, one of the nurses caring for him noticed my tote bag and asked if I had made it. She has the same material and then told me about her mom's quilt shop in N. Vernon, IN...Sharryn's Quilt Box.  I haven't been to a quilt store in some time so we thought it would be nice to go and meet this kind nurse's mom.  And it was. Plus we got to meet her dad.  The store is lovely and I found a new time to make.

We arrived at the Kennedys to find only Peter wandering around but soon enough everyone had gathered.  We loved being with them.  Jacob had bought so many pairs of blue-light eliminating glasses and talked to me about how damaging the blue light from TVs and devices can be on a body...causing bad sleep as well as possible dementia.  Naturally, when I showed interest he got on the computer and ordered us a couple of pairs.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Evansville's Frog Follies  which is this HUGE, no GINORMOUS car showed swap meet.  It was hot as hades but was fun to see all the cars.  We took the Kennedys to dinner at Olive Garden. Then we went to the movies.

Sunday was church and in the evening the Eagle Court of Honor for Peter.  The 4 boys surprised Cara by inserting into the program a musical number.  It was all about how Cara had earned her Eagle but they gave the patch to them.  It was great to see Jacob, Cody, Sam and now Peter all Eagles and Kipp well on his way.

Same was MC
Kipp posts the colors

Peter in the pew waiting!

Kipp receives his advancement

Kipp responds.

Cody watches, he's really not sleeping.

Peter receives his Eagle pin.

Peter pins the Eagle Mom's pin on Cara.

and of course, there's a hug.

Next it's Jacob's turn to get the dad's pin
Followed by a hug

Cody leads the Scouts in the Law and the Oath

Peter responds

An Eagle Nest of friends!

Today was also National Dog Day and I sure do miss Niko.  Luckily I had the Kennedy's Leo to romp with.

We returned Monday so happy to have spent a lovely weekend with this portion of our family.  Blessing cannot be counted nor measured.

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