Sunday, July 29, 2018

Patsy again

Patsy continues to do well, her memory is still intact which is a blessing in a way.  I continued to pray that the Lord would help me to realize that I put her in the best place possible.  Yesterday we were with her at the Assisted Living place and as it was lunch time we sat with her in the dining room.  Suddenly in walked these 5 people and one woman reached me first and hugged me, introducing me as Nina.  I realized suddenly that this was the Palumbo family, an Italian family that took Patsy and Uncle Johnny into their family decades ago.  Patsy was part of them and they a part of her. 

They had driven over an hour to come visit her.  The youngest, Allison is heading to college in 2 weeks, and was babysat by Patsy and Johnny for years when she was first born.  Patsy was momma Pat and Johnny was Papa John.  Patsy was so pleased to see them all and marveled that they had come.  Gino, the patriarch grabbed me hugged me so tight 3 different times, telling me how wonderful this place was, how beautiful, and what a great job I had done in securing her a place here.   He said that Breckenridge where they wanted me to place Patsy in Mentor was a VW compared to the Cadillac that's Parkway.  THAT WAS MY ANSWER.  I wanted to shout it from the rooftop, only there was no one to tell.  Robert and I slipped out so they could visit alone and Patsy was ready to walk them around the place and show them her ‘apartment’.  It was a very bright Patsy and I relaxed. Today I got a call from the nurse to give me approval that another friend, Sharon and her husband, could come take her for a ride to visit the cemetery where Johnny, son Jeffrey, and her mom were buried.  I have no problem with this but I am sure it’s going to make her quite sad.  But at least Patsy will have an outing.

Her old apt is basically empty. There are a few things Johnny’s nephew will remove tomorrow and yesterday Robert and I cleaned out the rest of the apartment, even vacuuming all the rooms. It seemed like such a wasted effort since the carpet is very old and very stained and the landlord is going to have to totally rehab the place.  It’s a mess.  Plus it’s dark and dreary, no wonder Patsy is complaining about the light that floods her new place.  I had to get her a pair of sun glasses to wear over her glasses. Truly the new facility is all light and airy. It cannot be beat. 

 But I will add that by vacuuming the old apt I felt a bit like the pioneers who were forced out of homes as they trekked West, always sweeping their beloved homes to be left to the marauding vandals who hated the Mormons.  And maybe, for that one time I became a Mormon Pioneer like them.  But before I left that old place, I went back in and offered a prayer to thank the Father for keeping her safe in this area that is not a good area, that’s been filled with drug dealers, and dangerous people.  And then I left the keys in a cupboard and locked the door.

It was an amazing relief and release to close that door and know that I really don't have to return there again.  A sad ending in a way but a brighter ending for Patsy in at least one area.

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