Monday, July 30, 2018

Helping Dad

Jocelyn posted a short video of the basement-turning-into-bedrooms this past weekend.  I wanted to record this for a wonderful memory.  Robert always amazed me at what he could accomplish and did accomplish and he certainly showed our 5 kids the way to work.  Each received a great work ethic from him.

The video and this screen shot was nice BUT what was even nicer were the comments:

Marissa Hatch Trefethen This is awesome! I remember watching dad finish our basement before Jordan came along, as well as doing his bathroom, cars, etc. I loved how old school the process was. Take a book out of the library. Learn the steps. Mess up. Do over.

Jocelyn Hatch Christensen That's so true. It's in our blood. I remember holding the flashlight for dad on many occasions while he worked on a car in the pitch dark. Lessons you cannot teach many other ways.

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Lin Floyd said...

And he learned how to work from his father FRank C. Great that he is carrying on his example!

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