Sunday, July 15, 2018

Connor gets ready for his mission

We were invited to attend the temple with Connor yesterday and Dawn put on the best pouty face so we'd spend the night and listen to his talk in church today.  I was very grateful she did because I was exhausted and dreaded the long drive home because of the traffic problem due to construction.

It was a lovely day in the temple followed by dinner at Olive Garden after Evan was picked up to join us (Adelle was working for Connor).

We hadn't brought any clothes but Dawn, the ultimate hostess, scrounged up bed clothes for us and even gave up her bed to us.  This all included makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, new toothbrushes, etc.  We fell into bed with Pepper for company for part of the night.  That was a comfort and didn't even make me miss just was a comfort to have her that near.

Connor gave a masterful talk. And NO...I did not take this picture during church. We were there very early so Evan could prepare the sacrament.  Connor looks nervous but he didn't sound it as he spoke.

Sadly, today Ella gave her talk in Evansville and  we couldn't make that long trip, but Cara did record it by phone and sent it to us and again, another wonderful talk and showed that Ella is more than ready to leave home for 18 months, learn Spanish and serve the Lord.

We left after Sacrament Meeting and made the normally short trip-turned-LONG-trip home and I was so happy to be home and grateful that my 2 daughters have raised wonderful kids who join the rank of Cody in serving the Lord.

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Lin Floyd said...

a special blessing...congrats!

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