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Family Reunion 2018

This summer we enjoyed the 2018 Hatch Batch Reunion.  It's been a few years and Jordan opted to spearhead the big event and BIG it was. It was amazing!  We were able to have every one there except for Cody who is attending summer classes at BYU, darn.  
Jordan found an Air B&B for us at Indian Bear Lodge, Walhonding, OH.  This is basically SE of Manfield, out in the boonies, no cell phone towers and it was ideal.
Here's the info letter he sent out:
Indian Bear Lodge (altho we stayed in the Little Rock Lodge...all to ourselves.  PLUS we had the lake basically to ourselves as well) 8300 Sq Feet of Rustic luxury.
3483 McCament Rd.
Walhonding,Ohio 43843

Robert & Susan - King Room
Marissa & Hank - Queen Room #2
Trefethen Kids - Full Room #1
Dawn & Ken - Queen Room #1
Barrett Kids - Full Room #2
Jocelyn & Steve - Master Suite Room 1
Christensen Kids - Master Suite Room 2
Cara & Jake - Route 66 Room
Kennedy Kids - Bunk Room 
Jordan & Hillary - Horse Room & Nature Room

  • Sunday 6/24
    • Check-in at 4pm & T-shirt Pickup
    • Dinner presented by the New Hatch Batch   Smoked meat with all the trimmings
  • Monday 6/25
    • Breakfast presented by the Christensens  Homemade Granola
    • Schedule the activities for the week
    • Lunch presented by the Trefethens  Happy Dogs
    • Dinner presented by the Kennedys  Pulled Pork and everything.
  • Tuesday 6/26
    • Breakfast is BYOB
    • Lunch presented by the Hatch Batch Walk Away Tacos
    • Dinner - Dutch Oven Cook-off (I'll bring enough charcoal for everyone)
  • Wednesday 6/27
    • Breakfast presented by the Hatch Batch Sheet Pan egg sandwiches and potato cakes
    • Lunch presented by Barretts BLT salad
    • Dinner presented by the Christensens Red White and Blue BBQ...all very 4th of July
    • Family Testimony Meeting presented by Susan & Robert Hatch
  • Thursday 6/28 
    • Breakfast is BYOB
    • Clean up & Check-out at 11am

Other cool stuff to know before you arrive:
  • The family presenting the meal is also responsible for presenting a short spiritual message and prayer (hopefully from the cousins).
  • The family presenting the meal is also responsible for bringing the required disposable plates, cups, bowl, utensils required to consume the meal they are preparing for the whole family (33 mouths).
  • There is a long list of amenities on-site and families have all volunteered to lead various activities. On Monday, we'll schedule when to do those activities depending weather etc. Rock painting that happened every day, Balloon Animals, Creative learning games, Leave IDing, Faux Calligraphy maybe  
  • The closest grocery store is 25 miles away.
  • I'll bring a bag of charcoal that will be enough for everyone to use for the dutch oven dinner night. 
  • Clown costumes are encouraged but not required. 

We attended church at home and then took off.  I think it was about 2.5 hours to get there IF we knew where we were going because we sort of kept circling without real good GPS help but we managed to arrive just after the NHB and the Barretts.  The place was amazing.  There were beds for everyone,  futons all over the place so the teens could just play til they dropped and sleep wherever. There were some switching around and basically everyone had a good sleep each night...late nights for them, early mornings for the wee ones and Robert and I were stuck somewhere in the middle.

This fine fellow greeted us throughout the day.  These lights had been strung across the doorway but I think when the teens slept in the area that could be closed off from the kitchen proper, the lights were decorated around him.

  Wonderful kitchen with everything we would need to cook and eat altho we used a lot of paper plates and cups, etc.  Why waste time washing up dishes needlessly.

  More side tables to sit on and not just for kids. I actually enjoyed these little tables.

The game room was filled with wonderful things to do: shuffle board here with Evan and Dawn Adelle.

Immediately Jordan and Hillary started to set up the dinner and Miss Hazel was all ready.  Yes, there was even a high chair in the facility.

No dipping in the salsa before dinner, Jordan! if that stopped anyone.

We were met by Rob who had found the hand vac and was making sure everything was clean and ready for us.

The game room...empty for a second.

The fully stocked kitchen.

  Always time to gather

No reunion is complete without tee shirts. Since this was a bit pricy of a place to stay but considering all things we availed ourselves of it was a steal.  The amount was equally divided by the number of family members/family.   Robert and I paid for the tees since there was  just 2 of us our amount was the cheapest.  I had taken a few pictures of "our" Lakewood Beach Park which was pretty awful after a late spring storm but the acceptable picture was the one from Lake Road as you walk toward the beach/lake. Jordan had a designer friend turn it into something that could be created on tee shirts. It was SUPER.

The Trefethens were waylaid as Mr. Ministering Hank stopped to helped a woman with a flat tire altho I gather he had to nearly run the woman off the road first to get her attention that she had a flat tire.  But they were happy to have food ready for them.
Simon, especially, has happy to get the food tucked into his little tummy.

Here's cute Henry and Lily, already at the game table, Marissa had bought a SORRY game and they brought it along. I personally love Sorry.

Rob was just so excited to have cousins arriving and ready to play and run and laugh all the day/night.

Evan and Robert try their hand at pool.  I had challenged all the older kids to pool but they skunked me so much that I finally gave it up.

Is this not the sweetest face?  Oskar having a go at Air something or other.

Handsome Baby  Circle aka Jordan

Robert reads in the rocker...something about the west or Indians. This place even came with books to read!

And then there was Ping Pong...Adelle and Evan.

Now it's Henry, Simon and Dawn's turn at Sorry.  Dawn thinks Sorry is a mean game.
Connor gets breakfast...this is Monday I think.
Robert and Dawn enjoy breakfast at a high top table.  Every morning Rob would agree to have scrambled eggs with me.  I am so not a cold-cereal person.

Look at Marius' smile. He's thrilled to be up high and to have found this heart window.
The front of our lodge.

Robert, Jocelyn and Coy.

Dawn, Robert, Jocelyn, and Coy

The very grateful parents and grandparents of this amazing family!  US!

We started Monday off with a bit of a devotional. Thanks to Doug Corbridge's first cousin, Elder Lawrence Corbridge of the Seventy who presented their family Wall of Belief to a small intimate gathering of those Corbridges, I printed off in Fan Chart style, the Hatch line...all faithful and true LDS, pioneers many of whom crossed the plains and the oceans to get to Zion.  These people  represent the strength of their beliefs and our offspring and their kids have built into their DNA this wonderful strength of their forefathers and carry with them the same as the generations continue. Some of us, like me, are converts or come from converts but each add their own testimony to that Wall of Belief.  And it's that which keeps us firm in the faith, battling what comes across our lives, knowing the Lord will support us as we keep our sacred covenants.

The best part of these two are the fun they always seem to have together.  Hank and Robert
Autumn swings.

Oskar shows off his climbing skills...and Val seems to be very interested in how his cousin got up there!

Val in the 'fort'

Kissie faces

Val heads down the slide...
Honor swings
Everyone enjoyed these swings and every one took turns swinging Hazel

Everyone gets involved, even Jacob is swinging.
Each morning I'd take out the balloons and make animals or flowers which usually before 5 minutes was up would be untwisted.  Here's Lily with her once flower now becoming a sword.

Getting everyone together "happily" for the group pix was not easy but there are always a few who like to pay.  Scarlett shows off her gymnastic feats with Jocelyn.
Cara, Jocelyn and Dawn
Dawn, Cara, Marissa holding Simon, Jocelyn, and Hillary...5 amazing daughters.

Here are the original 5 (with Simon) Dawn, Jordan, Marissa, Jocelyn and Cara

Hillary and Jordan

Jacob and Cara
Jocelyn and Steve

Dawn and Ken
Hank, Robert with Dawn's Uke and Dawn

Basketball game.  Lovely court...balls were included as well.
Just hanging out and chatting

I can never get a serious picture out of Marissa and Hank.

  Papa had fun with Coy playing tickle toes.

Miss Hazel and mom Hillary

Cara and Jacob and family made us a wonderful Hatch Batch Jeopardy game.  Everyone had so much fun but maybe we need real buzzers next time.  It was amazing to see how much the kids remembered about our lives and peculiarities...more than I did in some categories.

Remember that swing/play set? The one with Val smooching his mom? Well a bit later, a brick which should not have been in there, up on a shelf, came down and hit him o the head.  He had already been attacked by the edge of the door which ripped his little foot. Some cousin came running in for adult help and Steve went running, saw the blood and said, "Do not let Jocelyn see."  He got him pretty much wiped up and then Dawn, trusty Dawn with her  huge first aid kit, got an ice pack going.  A huge bandaid was attached and he was good to go.  Again. It was only a scalp wound which you know bleeds fiercely but still it was scary and bloody and not what you want to happen.

There's the lake and teepee
  and what does Val see in that water, I wonder? 

 Sam flips off the floaty thing right into about 13' of water...that's after his dad pushed him off the other side. So much fun.
 I attempted to get on some flat green skimmer craft only to immediately fall off.  I got hauled up and out of the water by Ken and Hank and decided I'd spend the rest of the time in this peddle boat or the other one.  Naturally having yelled at Robert all day to keep sun block on him, I did I did get some color on my white skin only to have it fade by Sunday.
 Love Jordan's GoPro camera. I snagged most of these shots off that.  Not sure how it will print at the end of the year but it's nice to have.
 The kids, even the small ones with floatees on loved to get on this bouncy thing and jump.  Such bravery.

 And as ever, Autumn is a natural born athlete.  She was perfectly at home in these things.

 Simon and Marius sure loved their time on this due swing.

Ad back at the ranch.... Marissa took to playing 'dead' with the Scythe hanging over her head.  I think she was just avoiding me taking one more picture.

Here's a panorama of the porch. It was actually huge.

Ken is so good with the wee ones!

Can you see the joy in Hazel's face?  Nothing was too fast nor too high for this one!

Hazel would have stayed in this swing nonstop if she could. As it was she was able to entice most all of us to keep her swinging.


  The kids got their face 'painted' in rainbow colored sun tan lotion.

After all those hours on the lake, I enjoyed the hot top with these tadpoles...Rob, Honor, Lily.

Jacob arrived with the family but they came in 3 cars.  Jacob went swimming with us all on Monday afternoon but then he had plans to leave.  For the longest time I thought he was leaving because he had to go to work. Poor Jacob has missed so much of our activities through the years but ALAS, he was returning home for surgery on his knee Tuesday afternoon.  And it was a serious surgery and he ended up being in a lot of pain.

So right before he left right from swimming to go home, a few of us gathered in the teepee and Jacob received a blessing from Robert and Jordan.

Sam and Peter left on Tuesday evening to head home so they could leave with their stake's Youth Conference to Nauvoo.  Sweet Peter didn't really want to leave the family cuz he was having so much fun.  I said "but Peter, your folks have already paid for Youth Conference."  To which he replied , "Yes, but they also paid for this, too, and I'm having more fun here. I've already been to Nauvoo."  But Sam should not have driven all that way alone so Peter went too.   Boy did we miss these two.

Hank wanted to have Happy Dogs for Lunch on Monday.  There's a place in Cleveland that serves Happy Dogs, or is called that.  And it's hot dogs with any kind of topping you would imagine and none of it what you'd think of.  Mac n Cheese, pretzels, bacon, onion. chili, pork n beans, pickles, cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup, jalapeños

And naturally FRUITY PEBBLES!  I MEAN REALLY, WHO DOESN'T PUT FRUITY PEBBLES ON HOT DOGS.  Surprisingly the dogs were amazing this way. what a fun lunch.

Jocelyn tucked into hers eagerly. We all did.

After every meal, we always found Robert in the kitchen doing up the dishes.  I really had hoped the grands could have seen this, taken note and remembered to do likewise when they are grown and grey.  Better would be great if they'd do this for their moms NOW.

And Dawn has learned this well herself.  She's usually the first off the seat and into the kitchen.  Her Gunner would be very proud of her.


Everyone got in on the pool...wee ones as well as Robert and Ken.  They managed to find a quiet moment in the game room and it appears they were uninterrupted.

Guy enjoyed this game with Henry.

A little shuffle board, Robert and Steve?

   We were fortunate to have not just one lifeguard on duty but 2...Dawn and Sam. During the Tuesday night Dutch Oven Cook Off (which every one won) Dawn demonstrated how she could use the heimlech on Jordan to save him from choking.  Marius seems concerned.


So many dutch oven meals and each so very tasty.  I'm telling you, I've raised kids who are great cooks...with all methods of cooking, even on charcoal...THAT they did not get from me.


I was worried to pieces that Hank would lose his hand as he used the end of an old shovel to slice up some kindling wood.  But his fingers survived.

Dawn also practiced something on the 'dead' again Marissa.  I think she's asking Marissa if Marissa gives her permission to treat her.  We agreed Marissa was either dead or unconscious and couldn't agree but we could.

At some point Hank had to leave for a job interview but returned after it was all over. Could he be anymore handsome and relaxed.  He had another interview Thursday so they left late Wednesday night, having missed nothing at all.

How fitting that Evan donned the Seminary Shirt from Robert's seminary class a couple years ago.  IF is still the bigger word in the English language.  Oh IF only we could continue with this reunion forever.




And did I say rocks were painted EVERY SINGLE DAY!?  Look how serious
Hazel was on her large rock!  Robert had collected rocks from 'our' beach in Sheffield Lake, along with 5 large blue rocks, one for each family, to go along with the tee shirts as a remembrance of the hours and years our family spent there.  No better place on earth.

Look at Coy Boone step out.  He was ready to catch up with all the running of the cousins!
  Jordan provided a family game for us (Kahoots) where we had to guess who the baby or person was in each picture.  If we had had better wifi connection, or any at all, it would have been played more by the rules but even without it (and boy were we glad there was none) we had so much fun looking at pix and laughing.

Would you look at all that meat?  Great bbq-ing Steve!

The Red White and Blue BBQ was set up.  So much bbq'd meat and all the fixings  Great job Christensens.  The decorations made the dinner an event for the reunion and upcoming holiday.  
The wee ones as well as the oldsters loved the glow bracelets and necklaces.

Hazel was attracted to the lights on the pole as the sun started to dim.

  Sweet  Oskar got his groove on and danced like a disco man, all lit up.

Wednesday would be our last dinner all together.  Thursday was Ella's 19th birthday.  We wanted to be sure to make the moment and Ken kept asking about a cake.  Jocelyn, Dawn and I got in the car and attempted to get to the country store that was about 4 miles away.  Maybe as the crow flies but certainly not the way I drive, nor the detours, and road constructions but we eventually located one.  I picked up the cake mix and icing mix and then saw a bunch of cookies and thought, 'why not a cookie cake'?  So back went the mix and honestly who wanted to bake a cake and then the surprise would not be had.

I signaled to Henry to follow me with a large sectioned plastic service dish and he and I put together the 'cake'.  He was so sweet and so excited about being able to help and to be part of the secret.  When dinner was almost oven he and I slipped out of the kitchen, lit the candles and  and Henry walked in carrying the 'cake'. I think we first saw Hank and asked him to start singing with us and then everyone joined in.  I think Ella was surprised.  She blew out the candles before I could get my camera ready because the group only sang one verse.  I ask you, who in my family ever only sings one verse. Strange. So we lit them again but one of the wee ones, maybe Val, understood the lit candles and blew them we lit them again and staged the picture.  It was a lot of fun especially because Henry was in on the preparations.

After all the celebrating, we gather one last time together in the game room to hear testimonies from our soon-to-be missionaries.  Elder Barrett and Sister Kennedy.  Both talked of their love for the Lord and how they were looking forward to serving Him and preaching the gospel.  Connor sweetly mentioned those who had gone on before him, his dad, Papa, Uncle Jordan and how he hoped he would be an example for the younger cousins as he goes forth.  I think they both will be so amazing.

 After dinner a few of the family went on a nature walk specifically to pick wild black raspberries to be eaten with the remaining ice cream.  And the last of the ice cream was eaten for breakfast the next morning before we all left.

This Wooden Indian was outside our bedroom.  Every time I passed him I had to sing the Charlie Pride song, Kaw Liga, to myself


Adelle fell in love with the lodge cat. She said she wanted to take it home with her...thankfuly she didn't. Not sure Pepper would approve of that.  First it was nicknamed Cinnamon Toast and then White Chocolate. No clue what it's real name was.

Before she left, Ella wanted to be sure she's still taller than Kipp...maybe...but just by a hair. Probably won't be the case in 18 months.

Definitely she's taller than I am but then I've lost 3" in the past 5 years!  Bummer

 Cara took the cousins on 'treasure hunts' as she got them to clean up the various areas of the lodge. The lips Rob is sporting is actually sucker which was one of the treasures they received at the end of the clean-up.  Cara knows how to make things fun.

Again Robert vacuumed up the porch before we left.

There was this huge mantle, way up high over the wood burning stove in the game room .  I had secret one of her painted rocks up there.  It's not clearly visible to the naked eye but just a sort of Thank You Lodge...You were great.

The big assembly of rocks. I was gifted a very lovely rock
painted by Adelle, the Artiste.

Here are some of the rocks that were painted..maybe by Dawn and Adelle, maybe by others.
So many rocks were painted over the reunion I have lost count.

 Perhaps Honor left this as a remembrance as well!
Dawn and Scarlett went out with car paint and painted all the car windows.

This for Ella who leaves in about 3 weeks for her spanish speaking mission in Ventura, CA

This had to have been my favorite secret treasure.  A carved church right out in the front garden.  No announcement but a lovely reminder of the Lord's hand in my family's lives every day.

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Lin Floyd said...

thanks for sharing your lovely to see all your family together in one place. we just returned from a floyd sisters reunion on the oregon coast and it was lovely-will post photos. also made it to the hatch reunion in scipio this year but only dan was there of my 3 hatch sons...

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