Monday, June 11, 2018

Connor Reed Barrett's High School Graduation

We were able to attend Connor's graduation.  Coming right after Niko's death it allowed us to get out of our house which is without Niko.  Luckily having their Miss Pepper was very attentive to Robert
and even slept with me the whole night.  It was great seeing him graduate but it also brought up how disappointed we were to not be able to get down and back for either Ella or Cody's graduation.  I hate distances. I HATE them.  And I was the one who told the kids to not live around here, to go get their own lives in areas that would be best for their families.  And I still believe that was the best advice but I hate it that Cara is so far away but apparently the Kennedys will probably be moving to Utah sooner than later. And that has NEVER been my wish for my kids  And it NEVER WILL BE.

 A little target practice before leaving.  Nice shot Dawn..who hit the flag pole.

 This one has Ken with teeth!

Teeth with both Ken and Connor

Here is Adelle with her boyfriend Ty.

 A super venue...DTE Energy Music Amphitheater.  All covered .  Great views.  Powerful speaker system


Connor walks in and right past us.  Not only did he graduate as a member of The National Honor Society but he also graduated Suma Cum Laude.  That's incredible!  That's the highest honor.  Hence the gold cords around his neck.

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Dixie Poets said...

how fun to see your grand children graduate with such honors and going forth with their life. Don't give Utah such a bad rap...I wouldn't live anywhere! Lin Floyd signed in as Dixie Poets.

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