Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The wonder of Spring

Robert mentioned that there were 3 robin eggs in the next that sits on the fence of the grape vines on Warwick side but I hadn't gotten out to see the eggs til this afternoon, and guess what?  There's only 1 egg and 2 babies, newly hatched.  All skin with a bit of feathers probably in the nest.  I didn't want to disturb them so I'll have to go back and try again.  But how sweet is that?

 I have always loved my jacks (in the pulpit).  I was fascinated by them when as a child I'd see them in the parks but there were signs that warned everyone against digging them up.  When we lived at 809 we ordered a couple and then transplanted them up here when we moved here.  They are very happy in this yard and multiply wonderfully...and Robert transplanted a few to the front yard.  These are bit weaker looking but perhaps it's because they are younger or get the harshness of the Lake Erie winter. But they are up now.
 All the plants are flowering in the backyard as well as the front.  I really ought to learn the names. There's these wonderful white balls of flowers on the island by the driveway and they give off the most amazing fragrance.  I need to look those up too...but these yellow blooms are pretty too.
 Robert thinned the strawberry patches and all 3 seems to be flowering well.  That means another great year of strawberries for jelly.
 I saw on FB that you could take the end of your celery, place it in water and it would grow stalks. I did this in the basement late winter, under grow lights and now it's planted in the garden doing far not being eaten by the bunnies we seem to have inherited from somewhere.

I am so glad Robert likes to garden because I do not but I do enjoy looking and appreciate his hard work.

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