Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sweet texts from Ella

Ella has submitted her mission papers and now awaits the call. But it is so obvious that she's been taught by her mom...see the texts she sent over the weekend to me:

Hey Granny!! I just had a memory of when you taught me how to draw an "e"
Thanks for teaching me how to do it right haha

Thinking of you


Happy Mother's Day Granny!! You are so important to me, and as my childhood years come to a close and as I look back, some of my favorite memories are with either you or my mom. You both have increased my testimony and life in general so much. Thank you for being such a great woman and for all the lessons you've taught me through your devoted life, love you forever!!!

It was a lovely set of messages to receive this weekend.

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Lin Floyd said...

just a ltttle appreciation goes a looong way...happy grandmom/mothers day

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