Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Seminary Ends

This morning Robert surprised the kids by telling them THIS was the last day this year, not tomorrow.  Someone had questioned the 160 days and he thought to reward them with as assignment and be done.  Initially there were shocked exclamations but by the end of the hours, they were just imaging what it would be like to lie in bed tomorrow at 5am and not race to get up.

The class was a wrap up class for all the messages they've learned.  I was getting the breakfast started so I heard some of it.  Robert asked them about the iron rod which they had to touch coming in and going out each morning. Then he asked if they'd want to meet Moroni...and of course they did...and I think it was Tiara who asked if they could climb the roof to meet our weathervane...little did she know that was Robert's plan all along altho the ladder at the front of the house might have been a dead giveaway and apparently Noah had already tried to climb it before coming in.

Up goes Jose
 Here is the whole class surrounding the weather vane which we bought in Nauvoo decades ago.  Initially I had hoped to attach it at 809 but it never got up.  But once we redid the roof here, it was installed by Darwin, a friend of Dawn's who fixed the leak in the solar panels.  I can see this Moroni every time I sew in the upstairs study and think so often how blessed my family was to have had the missionaries ( Elders Day, Thayne, Ovard to name a few) come by, teach us strong enough that we embraced the truth and are still firmly planted.
 But these kids are amazing. They will be the ones who take the restored gospel to all parts of the world and bless other lives and nations.

Here's sweet Josh Thompson looking to leap off the roof (please don't).  His dad got a job in New Mexico and they'll be moving in a few short weeks and I will so miss him.  Josh is a special kid and has a firm testimony.  Plus he's a XC runner!
 Everyone else came back down the ladder but Ian Kitchen and Josh Thompson took the firmer steps down,the old TV antenna

Breakfast was enjoyed and they left for their school day.

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Lin Floyd said...

how special and fun experienes they have had that will stay with them forever...

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