Friday, May 25, 2018


Here are some pictures from Robert's 2018 garden so far.

 See the hops growing up the over the fence on the left and up from the ground on the right?  We grow these not for brewing but because of their fragrance and how they make up a great wreaths for fall.

 Here is the island.  A mass of flowers of ground cover.  Robert's added rocks from various places. The grands still love to climb that large rock which appears smaller than it is with the grown this year.  But it's still a great place for kids to struggle up and then become kings and queens of the mount.

 The picture above and below belong to Henry's Field. Robert tired of cutting that small swatch of grass and instead covered it with flowers, including strawberry plants for those who pass by and want a sweet treat early summer. And yes, that is a hosta growing out of that old tree trunk

This is the back yard.  Apricot tree, gooseberry plant, irises galore.  He put the beautiful day lilies in the pots so the bunnies would not eat the blooms.  but we have wrapped pieces of Irish Spring Soap in cheesecloth and spread them throughout the garden...this is supposed to keep the bunnies away.  We shall see.

And this is the hosta that ate Tokyo or in this case Sheffield Lake.  It's HUGE.  Again, Robert likes hostas but I just try to ignore them.

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