Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Had to keep this on as a memory for me

This one’s for you, mom. I wanted to make sure you saw it....Marissa
A few years ago, my oldest son went through his nightmare phase. My mom happened to be visiting us, and when he told her how he was afraid to sleep, she set to work, scrounging up whatever she could-a canning jar ring, some rainbow yarn, a few beads-and whipped him up a little dream catcher. Let me tell you, that funky little makeshift dream catcher was a lifesaver. He put so much belief into its magic, and into his grandma’s magic, that if for some reason he didn’t have it in his room that night, he would scare himself into a nightmare. That little thing made it through three moves, across the country and back, and has seen my kids through many transitions and meant so much to us. (Thanks, mom!)
So in that spirit, I will be hosting a little workshop to create our own dream catchers, only this time, instead of an old canning jar ring, we’ll be using hula hoops. We’re taking that grandma magic to the big leagues. Join us! Because not only are these catchers of bad dreams, but they also look cool.

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Lin Floyd said...

love the idea, made some years ago, fun and creative!

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