Saturday, March 24, 2018

Marissa at Ohio Cleveland Stake Women's Conference

Cleveland Stake Women's Conference, March 24, 2018.

Apparently about 3 months ago, Marissa was asked to give the keynote speech at this year's Women's Conference after she presented a stirring Sunday School lesson on the Nativity in Art in December 2017 which moved everyone to tears...starting off with the Czekala nativity which my father made in 1945 from cigar boxes (yes, then they were made out of wood) and bought the figurines from Woolworth Dime Store. This nativity will belong to Marissa one day very soon if her sons ever calm down enough to not destroy this treasured piece of 'art'.  It was quite the moment as I watched my baby girl stand up there and be fully grown woman, strong and determined and educated and capable of such a presentation.  And on top of it all, I knew she knew. That she has a testimony and will remain firmly committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The night began with a meal.  We walked into the cultural hall and at each place setting was a tote back filled with the fixings for a Chipotle-type meal.

 The the men from the Stake High Council arrived with platters of cilantro rice and carnitas (pulled pork) and virgin (of course) pina coladas.

Then we went into the chapel for the program.  Marissa's topic this time was Christ in Art. She started out with a picture of my father's nativity and progressed through the Savior's life, adding some humor and a lot of easy explanation for various elements of art.

Everyone was riveted.  It's not often the people can sit and have art explained to them in ways that make you learn and yet not feel overly educated.  

The responses to her speech were immediate and then continued all day in church today in Lorain Ward. Then I received this email from Betty Franklin:

What a wonderful program last night that started with the informative presentation by Marissa.  I loved the way she showed the life of the Savior through the different works of art.  It is always interesting to see the cultural interpretations over time.  She was so knowledgeable.  

Her point of  "What mark will I leave on the earth " and the phrase of " fulfilling the measure of my creation"  capped off her part so well.


Also from Marissa:  Nice meeting mom! I also got an email from Lexi saying ladies at Sandusky  Wrd were mentioning all the talks a lot in testimony meeting, and Bishop Weight sent a little message as well.

Linda Bruderer The whole evening was amazing! Marissa did a great job.

Jodi Jakuszeit Rodriguez She did SUCH an amazing job! I’m sooo glad I get the honor of calling Marissa my friend. I adore her!

Marissa Hatch Trefethen  aw, shucks. Yours wasn’t too shabby itself! I loved listening to you.

These last were not mentioned in the speech as Marissa needed to shorten her talk but I include them here because she had them on file.

Robert and I will be turning this into a Power Point presentation so it will flow from picture to picture and with Marissa's narrative with each slide.

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