Sunday, January 07, 2018

LAQ Machine

My dear friend Diane Pepin who used to live in the Village but now lives in New Hampshire contacted me...altho we've never not been in contact after she moved.  Ron gave her a LAQ Machine which he set up but she's never used since it wasn't what she wanted.  She was bothered that it fills up the one room so much so that she cannot get into her closet that holds all her sewing things.  Some parts are still wrapped.

She had offered it to me before but this weekend, offered it again.  I could not accept a totally free gift of this magnitude so we came to an agreed price which is still basically stealing.  And I am so excited.  Ron will take it apart and with Diane (and maybe Billy Ochsher) will bring it here in a couple of months.  This way Ron and Robert can reassemble it together and renew that friendship.

This gives me a couple of months to dump the stuff in the basement, at least one area of the basement and there will be a designated area for my quilts.

This is the same size quilt Diane Colangelo has in her attic and works on.  Diane C has a larger one in the garage, which is the one I worked on last fall, but Diane says this will be a lovely machine for my needs.

I made another quilt last week when the temperatures were -20 or more with wind chills. We seldom ventured out. Robert spent most of his day stoking the fire or studying for Seminary.

As I was working on it yesterday I realized we had a  YW who graduates this year and it's been the custom to present them with a quilt from the RS and YW.  I've done a couple of these after Jan Warren, former RS president, started the activity because we had a couple years of quilts being tied during a mid week meeting.  So this one will be given to Jacintaya Boldware.  I had asked the current RS President, Elaine Guthrie, if she was going to continue this lovely tradition and  that I had one quilt top done.  She hadn't heard about it but was happy to welcome each new YW to RS this way.  Then before church today, she told me we actually have another senior girl, London Voss. So hooray for me, I get to start a 2nd one soon.

Then I may make a couple for us.

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