Monday, January 08, 2018

An edited family photo

Last Thanksgiving I posted a picture taken out front, by the rock, when Pam Barlow came buy to snap the shutter.  I was sad that Jacob who had to work ER and Cody who was out west at college couldn't join us.  But I got a great picture of the whole family, minus those 2.  I had decided that I would somehow get someone to Photoshop these 2 in the picture.  And even if it wasn't perfect, at least I'd have one picture of all of us.

I know that within a month Baby (Coy) Boone would be out of the swaddling but I still wanted the whole family.  Up til this one, the only whole family picture I had was one taken at the cemetery after Bonpapa died, 9.5 years ago.  It was time.

And of course, Sweet and Wonderfully Talented Lauren Olson who now lives in GUAM took on the task.  Not only did she insert Jacob and Cody and she also got rid of the phone lines and poles.  I am forever grateful.

I had hoped Cara would take the picture of the guys before Cody returned to BYU with her camera but you know, phones seem to be the least bothersome but not the best.  The resolution was not as good as the photograph so it's more than obvious that these 2 were inserted...but still I don't care.  I had it printed off 8x10 and framed it and am now enjoying it on our mantel.

My family is wonderful.  Each is so special in his own way.  I've had one on one time with most of them.  The Lord certainly blessed Robert and me with all the choicest of spirits He had to choose from to send them to us.

So to be official, here is all the Hatch Batch at the rock, that has entertained all our 5 as they grew and now all the grands when they come to visit.

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