Sunday, December 31, 2017

The End of 2017

We have at last come to the end of this year.  I grow older, Robert grows better, the earth is really cold (weatherize), and the world is in such turmoil.  Makes me wonder how awful it is yet to get.

Patsy is still not living with us but that will probably change in 2018.  That frightens me a bit because I am not sure I'm up to the task but obviously the Lord thinks so.  But I am grateful she's still around and still is a family member.

Thanks to all my friend who have supported me this past year.  But mostly thanks and love to my family.  They are the best anywhere.

Dawn calls me all the time and shares all her ideas and encouragements.

Cara not so much but her life is busy.  It was great having her and the kids here for Thanksgiving.

Jocelyn has been calling more often and that's huge since her house is filled with busyness.

Marissa living close is nice and the fact they want to dine with us weekly is a plus.

Jordan is busy, too, but his son Rob is always FaceTiming or Skyping me. That's a huge plus.

Robert, tho extremely tired, enjoys least his own personal study and the time he spends with the kids.

2017 has been good to me.  2018 can only get better, right?

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Lin Floyd said...

on to future challenges and growing that's why we are here...thanks for your friendship over the years....

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