Sunday, December 17, 2017

Marissa teaches Gospel Doctrine

in Lakewood Ward, their teacher somehow ended up with no more lessons to teach 7 weeks early.  So she's been making up lessons and had asked Marissa to teach a class on Nativity Art.  Marissa asked to borrow the Czekala nativity, the one my father made in 1945 out of cigar boxes which back then were made out of wood.  The figurines were bought from probably Woolworth Dime store.

It was so hard for me to part with it even for the one day.  I was envisioning it being destroyed or lost or who knows what else. But I had determined it would go to Marissa least when her boys outgrow their destruction days so I might as well let it go.  I wrapped up each piece careful and handed it over.

Marissa's class was wonderful, she said. She had studied hard for it and with her spirit was able to express the solemnity and sanctity of the event very well. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME IN HER 38 YEARS THAT SHE'S BEEN ABLE TO TEACH ADULTS.  And again, she's been called to the Primary.  Not that there's anything wrong with teaching Primary. She will have a lot to share and I hope she gets that chance.

Lexi DeBaltzo  (Lakewood ward member as well as Stake RS President) sent Marissa this note and I wanted to keep a copy in this blog/my journal for a lovely remembrance:

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Lin Floyd said...

what lovely family traditions are continuing...

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