Monday, December 18, 2017


It's official. The kitchen is now officially ours.  This has been such an uphill battle.  Actually it felt more like a downhill battle most of the time.  Nothing has gone right. The floor was replaced twice. The cabinets and crown molding was replaced a second time, with all new cabinets and wood.  I think they put 3 different dimmer switches in to control the overhead lights and all we got were flashing lights.  I'm not sure it's all correct but I was tired of having people/men trooping in and out and being so lame.  I will not recommend Siarappa builders to anyone.  Demo day began Aug 14 and this was to have been completed by about October 9.  And today is.....drumroll.....Dec 18!

I just knew that if I could sign off on this kitchen work, the kitchen would feel like it belonged to me finally and maybe, just maybe, I can forget the horrors of the past 4 months.

But it is lovely.  And so much room to store everything.  I love it.

Here is the art work I bought in Wellington at a little shop that feature reclamation art:

This is the refrigerator. The cabinets on the left are only 5" deep and both top and bottom are filled with spices and flavorings.

Here is the sink, offset a bit from the window.  All under cabinet lightings.

The pantry is now opposite of where it had been, on the south wall. The counters are quartz and so very pretty and smooth.

The stove now has counters on both sides which make it idea for cooking.

The table is in the usual place but we added an area carpet.  The window sills for both windows are of the same quartz that is the countertops.  Very clean and pretty.  The floor is laminate and lovely.  It is overall a warm and inviting a kitchen should be.
I am grateful for this lovely new kitchen and feel my mom would enjoy it as well since she so loved beautiful things.

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