Monday, December 18, 2017

Keith and Christina Belanger

Keith and Christina are our neighbors across Lake Road.  A delightful couple.  Christina is the one who taught Cara and I how to make egg rolls.

We have had a pew from the Stake Center forever.  When the stake center was remodeled, they put in new pews and sold the old ones.  Initially the pew was at 809, behind the long kitchen table.  I loved it there.  I loved it, period.  But there was no room for it really up here at 3830.  So it sat in the garage until I was able to let it go.  And I could only let it go because this good couple wanted it for their home.

Robert helped Keith haul it across the street to their garage in the summer and he's been refinishing it.

Today Christina called and asked us to come over. First Keith needed Robert's help in getting it into the house and in place.  Second they wanted us to see it refinished. And it was lovely.  Really lovely.

 Before it was more of a light oak color but now it's deeper brown and fits perfectly with their furniture. They are happy.

We are happy.

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