Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

We enjoyed Christmas Eve with the Trefethens in Lakewood.  Santa managed to come down the chimney but also he left his boot prints in the snow that he brought with him.

This morning I am up making cupcakes and the rolls for later today.  Christmas, for all worldly intents and purposes, has concluded but for the other worldly it still offers hope and reminders to me on how to behave and be.

I think all my grown children will enjoy their gift.  I was so excited to work on them for the past 18 months.  Hated to have to box them up and give them out.  Really hated the waiting.  I was able to watch 3 of them open their boxes and see their reactions.  Cara and family have to wait til Jacob comes home from work, sleeps, gifts, naps and then he has to return to work.  I had hoped since he worked on Thanksgiving that he would have Christmas off with Cody being home from BYU.

It's still dark outside. We got some snow so at least it's white but not very white.  I was waiting for the cakes to bake and happened upon a FB post of Kristin Corbley Walsh's sweet daughter sing the song she performed in church was a rehearsal version since Kristin was so good and didn't record  the actual performance in I would have snuck and done.  Watching this sweet Maeve sing, legs gently swinging on the piano bench I was taken back to when Kristin and her family were great friends of ours but not members of the church.  Kristin had gone to Forestlawn to play on the playground and then, horribly, fell backwards off the slide.  Marilyn called and asked Robert to come and give Kristin a blessing that she's live, that she's be OK.  And now Kristin has been Primary president for years and years and years! and here's her daughter singing.  I think this was the best Christmas gift of the day for me. That my sweet friends, Marilyn and Bob, chose to hear the gospel, accept the gospel and years later still be active. Still be able to watch their daughters be active and raise up another generation...with Maeve as the star yesterday.

Robert and I decided that there would be no bought gifts this year since the kitchen has been remodeled, cried through, pained through, signed off on, and enjoyed everyday.  It was odd, this no gift buying.  I hate that we are at this time of life when we can't even say we want something, or that we need something.  It makes the worldly part of Christmas pretty pathetic.  But that's life as it winds down for us.  We just want and need to be remembered, hoping the kids will think up something fantastic for us and surprise us with it.  But I think even they were flumoxed  for an idea.

But I am grateful to have had missionaries come to our door, for my mom to have listened and led the way (who needs pioneers when I had my own personal one), and encouraged me to remain faithful.  Fortunately, I have a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give His Son for me.  He calms me and puts all things into perspective when I am totally out of whack.

Merry Christmas to my family in the future who happen upon this blog, or the hard copy it becomes in another whatever year you may be in.  It's not the worldly things, it's not the things that get taken back.  It's the remembering and cherishing of moments (like the one with Kristin, so out of the blue) that makes each day a day special to only you.  Whether you have kids who stay awake planning to catch Santa and making lists of what they'll do if he doesn't show up, if they don't hear him.  Or if they are not living close to you.  Just pray they live close to the Father and His Son who gives us all the best gifts we need.


Dawn Barrett said...

I LOVE MY QUILT!!! it's too pretty and fun to use..but still I'll use it! xoxo

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You ALWAYS give the best gifts!

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