Monday, September 11, 2017

Nephi and Family

Seminary is not such a drudge when Robert is the teacher.  I promise.

The class began with the singing of Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me.

 His plan had been to take the kids to the shore with a boat. First he worked on using Jordan's inflatable raft but it didn't seem to want to hold air for long (gotta get that fixed). Then he went over to our neighbors last night and they were going to loan the kids their canoe or kayak and 4 life preservers.  All night I was awakened by dreams of kids drowning.  Not sure it had anything to do with premonitions or just too much Hurricane Irma watching but I worried.  But then again, I worry.  Turns out Robert had the same feelings.  So as luck would have it, the kids crossed the street to the Belangers but the 'ship' and 'preservers' were not where they were (hopefully they were not stolen).

So the lesson continued on to the beach (our beach, naturally) and in near dark to begin with the lesson continued (yes they jumped ahead but with fall coming on and Irma probably going to shed her rain, it was the best day to do so).  I don't know what was covered as I stood back with Br. Thompason.

The first week the kids wrote Seminary Haikus concerning their testimonies of the restored gospel/Seminary/gospel/whatever.  These were sealed up in a bottle marked Eastside Seminary.  As the class departed, Tiara asked to add another page.  Hers read something along the lines of "Do you want a free Book of Mormon?  see"  Clever girl!  She also was the one who wanted to build a fire on the boat so they could roast hot dogs. Yes, Robert has a class of pyromaniacs!

It was actually rather fun to see the kids walk along Lake Road and down the path to the beach and see them stand, silhouetted against the near light sky.

Because Noah is class president as well as having a marvelous pitching arm, he hurled the bottle far into the lake...and boy did he hurl it!  Now wonder he's wanted for the baseball team.

As the sun arose over Lake Erie and we  could begin to see things, it was time to imagine how terrifying it must have been for Nephi and family to even contemplate such a trip, and that after the ship had been built. But as Robert taught before leaving the house, the architect of this plan...the family, the ship, the voyage, the Gospel...was Heavenly Father.  All it would take would be obedience.  And FAITH.  As I looked at the back of these fine kids who get up each weekday morning to be here at 6am for a religion class, I know these are the kids who, if they remain faithful and obedient, will direct and lead the world.

And when the class was over, Josh sat in the not-inflated 'ship'.  He's are all the kids.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Powerhouse Seminary teacher that's my dad!!

Lin Floyd said...

how fun, I missed lots in California by not going to seminary. But my mom was inactive...

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