Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Sure do miss Bonpapa

Found a bag of picture that are Osbornes...and intend to mail them to Jackie Osborne Starker BUT there is a couple I thought I'd scan.

This is a birdhouse that is on Osborne property in Tionesty PA.  His dad, Charles Earl Osborne used to build birdhouses.  This is the kind I hope to have and maybe the barn swallows will next in there and not over our front door all summer.  I think the 3rd batch of birdies are in there now.

Here is Bonpapa (Roger Arthur Osborne with Joyce and Karl Anderson 2006.

I have the feeling that this was often the Lord when it came to these 2 fine men, referring to the picture behind these  men, as if He's pointing toward them to say, "follow these men as you follow Me."

Backyard of Osborne property, Allegheny River

Home where Roger was born ...Feb 19, 1918...Tionesta, PA

Back view of the home where Roger was born.  His father, Charles Earl Osborne, built the back porch and steps

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