Saturday, July 29, 2017


Hillary as her Relief Society Meeting coordinator or planner, arranged for a small group to head to Kirtland and she was so gracious and invited Robert and I to join her party.

Normally I don't thrill at the idea of visiting Kirtland again.  Not that I don't love and admire what the early Saints went through during that time it's just that I've seen it before.  But this was very special.

This was from the small display in the LDS visitor's center, made by one of the Senior Sisters.  It's a 3D quilt. So lovely.

We started with the Community of Christ tour and because they had a large LDS group of youth from Pittsburgh who had been there for a meeting, we were allowed to go through the 3rd floor...something that  doesn't happen very often, if at all anymore.

Then we had lunch with Hillary's ladies and then in the afternoon we enjoyed the LDS tours.

We went out way and Hillary's group traveled the long distance to Grand Rapids.  I was happy that Hillary understood the need for the sisters to be fed more than ice cream and social chatting.  Not all things were happy in her carload of sisters, with one sister in particular a little off in the head, but this was a valiant effort...and at least 4 of the 5 sisters enjoyed themselves.

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