Saturday, July 15, 2017

Connor is officially an Eagle

Even tho Connor had passed the Eagle Review board, it was time to enjoy the celebration.  We arrived late Friday after/early evening.  The ride from Kennedy's was long and I was so tired.  Poor Robert drove the whole way.  But we gave Connor his gift for Eagle...a Leatherman.


Cara had given him an Eagle's Nest...a Hammock and Evan, who had bought a cheaper one, was anxious to hang them both up.

This is Evan at home...all dressed and ready to go.  

The Court of Honor was held in the chapel of their ward because there was at least 70 people in attendance.  Dawn had placed this huge picture which my mom had bought for Roger (Bonpapa) and we had given to inspire both Connor and Evan.  It sat very nicely in the corner and set the tone for the event.

Evan was the Emcee or conducted the Court of Honor
 Posting of the colors

 Ken directed all the Eagles present to sit in the half pews up front.  Connor's middle school English teacher was there and he sat in the Eagles Nest since he is an Eagle.

I love this picture above...Jordan is on the far left, looking at his son Robert who is looking back at him.  I can just imagine the day when we will see Robert in an Eagles Nest.

Steve Christensen said the opening prayer.

Ben McElroy read a poem by President Henry B. Eyring

 Robert presented the Eagle, Connor, with a few comments.  It was very nice!

Jared Hall, the Scout Master presented the award.

Lots of things on this table for sure.

Dawn put on the neckerchief and slide and with such force the slide broke...good thing some man who presented connor with something or other had made a special slide for him.
  Bob Daniels

Connor present the parents' pins (the pix was taken of the 3 of them later).

And Jordan gave the Benediction

Then the cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all who attended.  Everything was decorated so lovely.

 Two brothers

 Robert and I with our 3rd Eagle Grandson

Ken with Connor and his mom, Kathy.

Hillary and Hazel with Kaylee and Moriah

Val and Steve with Ben (above ) and Connor with his mo (below)

 Ken, Jordan,       , Bob Daniels, and Dawn

Ken, Robert and Jordan

Me with my own baby a grown and handsome man.  I wore my Eagle pin for the day.

 Elsie, Lily, Cora, Marius and Robert...Cousins

Best picture of the up means licking up the blue icing.  Lily, Honor, Robert, Elsie Marius, Cora

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