Thursday, June 08, 2017

New Kitchen

For some time now I've been discussing the state of our kitchen here and how it would be good to rehap it.  Robert agreed and this has been finalized.

Here's  basically what it looks like now:

Let me remind myself about this kitchen. When we lived at 809 we HAD to redo the kitchen...the cupboards were cheap pressed boards and they were falling apart.  We did ours and then mom did hers.  At the time I was really miffed that she had done her kitchen to look exactly like ours.  the same cupboards, etc.  She said when I mentioned it to her, "Well, I changed the handles."  As if that made it different.  Very soon after she had her kitchen done, Patsy and Johnny came to visit. First to mom's house and then to ours. She took one look at our kitchen and said, "Oh my, you have the same kitchen as your mom."  That really burned my biscuits..."No I had mine done first!"

Then eventually mom and Bopapa died and we took possession of this house because it was 2008.  No houses were selling anywhere.  There was about 25 house along Lake Road in Sheffield Lake alone for sale...for months/years.  We didn't want to have renters in this home so we moved up, rented our beloved 809 til someone bought it (altho that purchase went to the bank and squatters lived there but finally someone bought it for a great price, lived in it, rehabbed it amazingly, and then sold it to a delightful young couple who hope to raise a family there as we did. They are doing great job on the gardens outside as well!)

But when we moved up here, I very quickly realized why my mom copied our 809 kitchen. She had always intended or hoped we would take it over (yes, she left it to us. We sold 809 so I could buy my sister's part of the house...didn't want any bad blood. Debi had already stopped talking to me for 4 years between the two deaths because she was so upset at mother's handwritten instructions at the end of the Living Trust.  She got over that when she got the money).  So my mom made the kitchen to look the way I had wanted 809 so I'd feel at home.  Not that I didn't.  I just miss my mom so much.

So we've lived here for 9 years.  The peninsula part (who knew it was called a peninsula but it makes sense when I look at it) has cupboards over top.  Mom and Bonpapa were both short and they didn't hit their heads.  Robert on the other hand has made divots  in his head more than a couple of times.

Plus, it is the only room in the house that is honey oak.  The rest of the home is basically maple.  And for me, that was an irritant.  Except for my asymmetrical hairdo, I tend to have to have eveness all around me.  So that's the plan.  The kitchen will have wood cupboards and drawers in maple made in Amish country. The floor will be a warmer shade and of laminate..NOT HARD WOOD.  I'm not going to spazz out everytime I drop food or water on it. The counter tops will be a white Quartz with an amazing backsplash that looks like leaves.  The footprint will be different and I dumped the desk which just seems to be a magnet for junk and paper. Funny how I thought I wanted a desk in the kitchen til I had one.

We bough all new appliances in the past 8 months or so  Consequently they won't need to be changed out.

Here's the designer's idea which I loved the minute she showed it to us...altho it was the 4th design she offered.

 Love having the stove on the same wall as the fridge with counter space on either side.  The cabinets on the left of the fridge are only 5" deep, perfect for spices and away from the heat of the oven.
I'm not sure Jordan was in agreement with the sink being at an angle and not directly in front of the window. He might be correct for resale value but for me this is perfect.  This allows the splashes to not end up on the window. The pantry is on the left of that unit.  Look at the counter space.

Even though the kitchen is still the same size, we supposedly are giving it the appearance of being larger.  The light fixtures which hand down will be removed and 9 canned LED lights will be installed, giving a lot more light and will all be on dimmers.  There is a cupboard to the right of the dishwasher which will hold 2 garbage cans....garbage and recycle.  No more silver trash can in the walkway.  Robert also decided he wanted the quietest of garbage disposals. It's not something he ever wanted so I only got one when we took over 3830.  And I like it.

So, look forward a month or so and check out the finished kitchen...altho I might add the pictures to the end of this entry when it's all completed.

I'm excited.  I am worried.  I am thrilled.  I just wonder why people don't do this and enjoy living in it more often than I've seen. Most people I know redo their rooms in order to sell, or the kids redo it when the old folks have to be taken care of in their homes or a nursing home or they've died.  Me? I wanna enjoy my kitchen. And so I shall.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's going to be amazing!!

Dawn Barrett said...

So glad you snapped before and after shots. The angled sink gives it a unique-ness. Something unexpectant.

Dawn Barrett said...

I do not spaz out when things fall on the wood floors. Any kind of floor is going to wear out. Get scratched. Lose their color. It's life. Glad YOUR FLOOR is flat enough to have laminate panels. That's a plus.

Besides, no one really looks at floors...except people putting in new floors or people who want to put in new floors.

Your kitchen will be great b/c of all your great cooking!

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