Sunday, June 04, 2017

Miss June Rauscher

My June has graduated from Wellington High  School with an honor's diploma.  We were invited to her graduation party and it was so wonderful to be with her and her extended family....most of whom knew us from when I was the babysitter.  My heart still gets pinched when I think how badly I wished she could be mine, how I wished her life could have been different.  It should have been so different.  But her family have always credited her time with me for giving her a love of reading and education...something they all say she would not have gotten from anyone else.

 Isn't she just so lovely...and cute...and sweet...and doesn't drink or smoke!  Thank heavens.

 Big brother Tim Robert, June, Big Sister Janine ?  I recognized Tim but Janine just blew me away.
 Tim is just so funny.  Robert told him to pose like Jocelyn does...and so he did.  Back when Penny, their mom, first attempted suicide, Tim is the one who brought June to me in the morning and told me not to give her to anyone else.  He played football for Brookside so I told him to go to his practice and I would wait with June til he got done. Then I got on the phone and called her Uncle Brad and alerted him that something was up.  Brad called everyone til he got the info and called me back with the facts.  Since Tiger and Penny were not married, Tim would not be allowed to continue to live in Tiger's house so I called the principal and said if he needed some place to live, we had room.  I just wanted to wrap up this young man and protect him too...but he ended up living out his senior year with a friend.
 Here's Tiger and me and Robert...and below, Tiger's with his daughter.
 Here are the remaining Rauscher siblings...Tiger, Brad, and Jan (who has provided home for June all these years after she left Brad and Linda's home.

 Here are all the Rauscher's and their spouses/partners/kids.  It was a lovely party.
The hardest part is seeing Brad.  Brad has non-small cell lung cancer.  He's gone through Cleveland Clinic and NIH...and there's nothing left for him but death.  He's such a good man and so wants to live for his only granddaughter.  But that's not going to be the case.

June is headed to Kent State University. I am so grateful she will be getting away from this county and will see what's what.

How I love June. I hope I can keep in contact with her forever.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw, June Bug. You didn't say how even my kids know who June Bug is and ask about her.

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