Sunday, May 21, 2017

Seminary Graduation


 I hate meetings.  I mean I really hate meetings.  Particularly meetings that go over 1 hour.  NO MEETING EVER NEEDS TO GO BEYOND 1 HOUR other than contract/union negotiations.  I had a stake meeting Tuesday (for JustServe) that went over 90 minutes and that was cuz the woman in charge enjoyed hearing herself talk.  I gather these monthly meetings always go this way.  For me from now on, 1 hour and I’m out of there!

Robert always goes everywhere with me or for me so tonight was the  Seminary graduation night and since he’s still Seminary teacher, he had to go. And cuz I love him I went with him.  He looked at the program and he asks, “this is going to last 3 hours, do you want to go home?”  I looked at the program and shuttered but I agreed to stay.  I tried to meditate and zone out but that never seems to work at a church meeting.  We got through the blah blah blah.  The Stake YW president got up to spotlight the girls who received their Young Womanhood award…more blah blah blah..AND THEN..THEN…THEN the lesson came.

She talked of another girl who was receiving the award tonight.  A young woman who walked into the stake center ahead of us as we walked into the meeting. She was dressed in jeans and an orange tee shirt.  I thought…wow…that’s very odd.  But we were all told of a young woman who was diagnosed with autism when she was 2 years old. Everyone figured she would not be able to get this award because she is non verbal and all of life is pretty difficult for her. As the mom brought her up to the front to join all the other YW award earners, she was the same girl in jeans and orange tee.

BUT she did…She received her award tonight thanks to her family, leaders and a slew of YW.  And each of these helpers was asked to stand as their names were read.  Each girl took on a value and very slowly, methodically, worked with the girl with her special needs til she managed to accomplish the goal and this included the main projects.  Can you imagine the service? The Work?  The love?  and for someone who doesn’t cry much, I could feel tears welling up.

This was incredible. 

My new calling is ward rep for JustServe and I am still fearful that I will get our ward hooked up with an organization and none of our people will serve. But tonight…there was a glimmer of hope.

And HOPE is actually a verb….It requires action.  And on my own part as well.

I record it here on my blog so I can always read it and remember that in one of our wards, the girls and some adults worked extra hard in order to help someone else less fortunate achieve this award.

I wish for myself a whole barrel of HOPE.

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Lin Floyd said...

hope is also based on faith...great post.

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