Sunday, May 14, 2017

Robert turns 68 and then Mother's Day

Robert caught up with me age we are both 68 years old.  Hard to imagine we are that old...and how few years left in mortality we probably have.

Jocelyn brought the kids and spent the day with us. It was wonderful having them here.  The kids had a day off from school so they didn't miss any classes.  They visited the new equipment at Freedom Park and were probably the first to tryout the fun area.  They brought things to make the birthday like a circus. Oh wait...maybe they ARE the circus.  They are fun.

 A bird record book
This is the deer salt lick the Christensens gave Robert.  It's filled with river rocks, placed at the front door so when we come from the lake we can hose the sand off our feet and legs and it drains through the bottom of the salt lick.

 I gave him this machine which has 2 sticky paddles which are placed in sore areas on your body and it vibrates 20 different ways so you get relief..and it so works.

Saturday we spent serving at The Hickories for a tea fund raiser for Blessing House, a home that takes in children from families in crises.  It was lovely and naturally Robert was the doorman in tuxedo.  Jocelyn, when she called to see if we'd be here,  heard about her dad and the tuxedo and commented:  Mom, most old men get old and play Santa but Dad plays 007 James Bond.  Very true.

Mother's Day was lovely, quiet.  All the kids were in their own homes to be feted.  But we were able to Skype or FaceTime with each of them.

It was a lovely weekend.

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