Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Calling...JustServe Ward Rep

Another new calling...and not one that will take much time other than the once a month meeting at the stake center where a few of the people seems to like to hear themselves talk holy.  Me?  I just like to talk and be opinionated. They should have known this.

I am to pick 1 place that our ward members could serve/help out in.  I find this so odd...having to tell people, encourage people to serve.  Why don't they just figure it out?  Is it just cuz Gladys was my mom...and she set the example?  I have no clue.  But then again, my friendships and activities in various groups are not centered in the church but in the community.  So my friends and connections are wide ranging.

I attended the meeting last night and was thanked for my opinions...haha...but I assured them I have many.  But the funnest moment was when this guy walked in and HE WAS HANK PERSONIFIED...IN SO MANY WAYS.  He came in wearing camo shorts, tee shirts, sweatshirt jacket, a baseball cap and tennies.  And he had Hank's coloring and even a rather lovely thick but well trimmed!  And he had the same notions as hank has had.  And his mannerisms were the same.  I immediately felt connected to him.

Tobin sat away from the High Council table but then joined us.  I think he joined us when he figured I might have been not like the rest of the holy rollers.  Then when he'd say something, he'd look at me. Once he gave me a thumbs up when he made a statement as if he was looking at me for agreement.

IT WAS FUN!  I wish he was in my ward...I'd love to get to know him.

I am hoping our ward leadership agrees that we can serve Blessing House...the place were we had the tea fundraiser Saturday.  This is a great place run by Sister Mary and some great women.

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Lin Floyd said...

you are so funny and unique...can just see you at the meeting. our stake president asked everyone to sign up for just serve. our rs also does some service projects there at our monthly enrichment meeting or what ever it's called. I haven't signed up for just save cause i already do a lot in the community and with indexing. so i somewhat agree with you...lol!

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