Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It was barely 7 years ago when we bought what I thought would be the perfect washing machine.  A large Samsung, front loader.  But sadly it died on Saturday, April 8,  and when we called for repair the man said that it was going to be a very expensive repair and recommended we buy new.  Robert and I drove down to Stewarts TV and Appliance in Elyria on April 11 and were given the full lowdown on the best 2 they offered. That was because Robert said he wanted to buy a washer that would not break down during the remaining part of our life.    The first one was a Speed Queen but the drum was too small, even for the 2 of us.  We opted for the 500 series of the Electrolux.  As the purchase was being finalized I asked if they also sell the dryer that matches since our dryer probably was here when we moved in.  It is gas and we always had electric at 809.  Robert decided that we would purchase the set!  THE FIRST TIME EVER THAT WE BOUGHT BOTH NEW.

Then Robert turns to me and asks, Do you remember when you bought the VW Super Beetle and we went out eat to celebrate?  I remember buying the VW, by myself, and calling him at work and telling him, I think I bought us a car!  Not the dinner but it was late and I'm always up for eating out.  The Foundry was recommended by the people at Stewarts.  The Foundry is in the old Moss Restaurant on Broad.  Turned out to be very good food.

 Clever decorations, too.

 I had the wedge salad which was beautifully presented.

Robert ordered the Tuscan Sausage soup which was a bit spicy but very good.

Then we shared this 9" meat lover's pizza which was so very good. Reminded me of Hank's pizzas back in the day when they lived in Lakewood and had the wood burning pizza oven out back.

Somehow, the idea was created that we could rework the laundry room.  Initially it sounded like a great idea but then Robert said he just wasn't in the mood to lay new tile.  The very next day I come in to find the floor had been removed, most of the ugly wallpaper that mom had put up.  Steve Christensen agreed to help Robert lie the tile. So Robert finished stripping the wallpaper and then corrected the wall dings and then painted it white.  Good Friday Steve used his very strong and young legs to lay the tiles which Robert cut out on the patio.  We were so grateful for his generous work, and on Easter weekend too!

The washer/dryer arrived April 18 (we delayed it so we could get the laundry room done) and installed. But wouldn't you know in the house that has had the strangest wiring problems forever, the 220 line had been cut, and dead.  And we have no clue why.  It had to have been done before my folks moved here cuz they always had the gas dryer.  Lucky for us Ken Bruderer is this amazing electrician and he spent 2 days here getting the wires straightened out, as well as a 3 way switch put into the laundry room so when we come in and out with arms filled, the light will automatically turn on and off.

Doing the laundry never was this nice.  No bending down and peering in.  Perfect.  Plus the platforms came free as a special.

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