Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cody and his mission bathing

As Cody readies himself in a few months to return to civilization, I learn more about this primitive mission he's been on for nearly 2 years.  Recently, it's been about his bathing 'skills' which involve walking down INTO a well, getting water in a bucket and walking back up out of the well and pouring it over his head.  Some bath!

Last week I learned he's headed to Washington Island and will be Branch President, hoping to get a branch made there in spring. He was excited to be living in a stick house and I asked:

is there no cold water to be pumped?

His reply today was:

No it will be straight from a well as usual. It'll be fun because we
are living with a teacher at the local primary. There is this thing
called the "first water" in the morning. Everyone wakes up super early
to get the first water because everyone shares this water so if you
are the last to bathe the water is mixed up with a ton of dirt
hahahaha so excited. I take a decent amount of pictures so it'll be fun
to show those in a couple of months.

Really?  I read this to Robert when he returned from home teaching and this was the conversation which ensued. Robert had asked me didn't I have to share bath water as a child?  WHAT?  Was he kidding me?  Was he serious?  So this became my reply to Cody:

Grampa said, when I read him your email after getting home from HT, “this reminds me of my experience taking a bath.” I’m thinking in Belgium during his mission. But oh no, They didn’t get baths in Belgium.  They took spitz baths as it was called…more like a sponge bath. He was talking about as a child…in the 50s (for heaven sake..didn’t everyone normal have access to water?)  Apparently he had to share the bath water with his 3 older siblings!  GROSS!  Good heavens…what was wrong with his parents?

So I guess I lived a civilized life (in the lap of luxury Grampa just said) and poor Grampa had to live like some pioneer throwback.  UGH!

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Lin Floyd said...

Surely you've heard of the saturday night baths that started with the cleanest child and ended with the dirtest one last to get everyone cleaned up for Sunday with water heated on the coal stove and baths in a round tin tub by the stove. I remember those in the 1940s in Silver City, Utah where my grandma lived.

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