Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Gift

Marissa:  When I was really young, I sat on the floor beside my mom as she cut out heart after heart, which she turned into this rad rainbow mobile. I remember being struck with awe at the finished project. She could make stuff like that?? How did she do that? All my life, I've loved that Valentine's decoration and this week, I went ahead and asked her if she'd give it to me when she died. (As morbid as that sounds, that's actually normal talk for my ma). And wouldn't you know, less than a week after asking, a package arrived from my sweet mom with this in it. Because she couldn't bear to part with hers, she went ahead and made me and my sister (who apparently was also chomping at the bit for it) our own rainbow mobiles. My mom always insists she's not artistic, but I can say it was her example of constantly making things, decorations, beautiful breads, painting Halloween characters, that put me on the path to being an artist. Thanks, mom! You are a special person.

Jocelyn:  I try to be brave and then my mom goes and does the sweetest things ever and I bawl like a baby! Happy Valentine's Day, Susan!

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Lin Floyd said...

what a creative artistic and loving mom you have...

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